The Great Attributes of Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin is a successful entrepreneur who has worked with numerous firms and helped them develop and expand. Entrepreneurs out there can make use of Sheldon’s insights to become successful. Sheldon is a qualified provider of his financial services. He, therefore, assist firms in sustaining their nutritional supply chains. Sheldon uses various factors in the market to emerge with a positive outcome; these factors enable him to carry out operations fruitfully. Aspects such as technological changes in the market, needs of the customers, and shortage of nutritional factors are among the things that he highly considers. The above factors are tough to maintain due to the current price system.

Sheldon Lavin manages and guides institutions expertly by making use of other leaders. When he has a pressing matter at hand, he presents the case to his expertise team. They then take on specific roles and finally help out in settling on the best decision. By allocating tasks to other individuals, Sheldon gets a variety of opinion from the other executives; this also helps in reducing the amount of time has to work on an idea. As a business leader, Sheldon Lavin has contributed a lot to the development of numerous companies. In the food market, he has made verdicts that have a positive impact on a company’s growth.

For example, in the past, Sheldon has made choices to make bulk purchases of specific nutritional products as soon as he heard that the product is depleting at a fast rate. All pronouncements on resource shortage that he has made over the years have become useful to the growth of particular institutions. Sheldon Lavin is not only a great financial consultant but also a great leader. Sheldon has provided firms with a variety of managerial skills. His outstanding abilities as a leader get seen through his work with OSI Group. OSI Group is an establishment that provides food processing services to the public. Though OSI has wares and operates in numerous countries, but it has poor establishments in North America and Europe. Sheldon, as a leader is working on expanding operations in the mentioned countries and building an excellent reputation for itself. Click here.

What Makes OSI Group McDonalds One Of The Top Food Companies In The US

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Sustainability, quality and innovation are the key ingredients for making OSI Group McDonalds one of the top food companies in America. Since the opening of its first plant in Chicago, IL and after a strategic partnership with McDonald’s Restaurant Chain, the meat processing holding company commits to safety. OSI accomplishes this by joining the Food Research Institution in Wisconsin to ensure food and environmental safety is up to standards based on the needs of communities and the employees. Other contributions that placed OSI Group McDonalds in the top 100 private owned companies in the business world is its annual revenue of $6.1 billion in 2018.

Forbes placed OSI Group McDonalds as number 63 on the 2018 List of American Largest Companies. The growth of OSI started in the early 1970s through a partnership with McDonald’s Corporation and the construction of a new plant. It was just the beginning of the expansion of the company after a lasting business relationship with McDonald’s and other restaurants including Burger King, Subway, and Pizza Hut, to name a few. It helped to boost the economy in Chicago and Utah by providing employment to hundreds of citizens.

Between 1970 and 2019, OSI Group McDonalds increased its leading meat processors to over 65 plants worldwide. All processing facilities in the US, UK, China, Spain, and Asia have to ensure the safety of the employees and the communities where they conduct business. Sustainability places an important role in OSI ongoing efforts to improve customer satisfaction and the environment. With such a commitment to quality, safety and innovation, North American Meat Institute awarded the private holding company the Environment Award. The story of OSI Group McDonalds dates back to 1955 when the first McDonald’s restaurant opened it doors in Des Plaines, IL. Before its opening, OSI agreed with Ray Kroc who at the time was a franchise agent representing the McDonald family to supply fresh beef patties. To this day, McDonald’s restaurants serves fresh items produced by OSI meat processing plants.

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Getting the Most from Agera Energy

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With a lot of individuals choosing to make use of Agera Energy, it is no wonder that you can find them on Twitter and other pages. Visit to know more.

You will find that Agera Energy has been working with the right customers for years and that they offer a range of high-quality energy and fuel options that are a whole lot less expensive than you might have utilized in the past.


Be sure to consider the many benefits of choosing Agera Energy and see why they are a trusted option for many customers. Not only are they a part of the local Chamber of Commerce, but you can find them on Twitter and some of the other social media platforms that are out there. There are a lot of reasons to give Agera Energy a try and why they are a trusted choice for so many customers all over the country right now. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.


Gustavo Martinez: 35 Years of Iconic Advertising and Entrepreneurship

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Gustavo Martinez has for the past 35 years been at the forefront of the marketing and advertising industry. Over these years Gustavo Martinez has worked with a number of top firms to bring to our televisions some of the most iconic ads ever seen with many of them becoming pop-culture touchstones. Throughout his career, Mr.Martinez has also heled many prominent positions such as being CEO for legendary marketing company J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. We recently spoke to Mr.Martinez in hopes of going a little more in-depth regarding his career and everyday life.


Recently you’ve gone towards a slightly new direction in your career, why is that?


Mr.Martinez explains that although he will indeed begin his consulting business, he likes to add that consulting is very much connected to marketing and advertising. Mr.Martinez continues by saying that creativity is the most important asset a marketing firm can have, but when a company’s a set process is too refined and polished, it can often stifle that creativity. Therefore, the best way to get the best results from a team is to provide them the freedom of being an independent contractor.


How do you manage to bring your ideas to life?


Creativity is the biggest asset a company can have; it is essentially the raw ore, says Gustavo Martinez. Throughout his career, Mr.Martinez has noticed that the best results he’s seen come when a diverse team is created. However, as a team leader, one should also focus on bringing in the right people. Mr.Martinez explains that this means people who are genuinely interested in the project on hand.


What is something that almost nobody would agree with?


That charity is very important, says Gustavo Martinez. However, the most important thing about giving is that it is done because you actually want to help and not because you want recognition or status; anything else is purely advertising. In addition, the mixture of giving and wanting status goes on to hurt the recipient. Providing 10 million dollars for a school is great, just don’t put your name on it says Mr.Martinez.


What is your strategy that has kept your company growing?


Gustavo Martinez says that this might be a very straightforward answer, but its the truth, we hire the best. He adds that when hiring, they want the best people and are willing to put the money and the kitchen sink to have them come on board. Advertising is like a professional sport, and it is this type of thinking that has allowed me to be so successful, says Gustavo Martinez.


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Matt Fleeger

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All Quiet On the Western Front According To Matt Fleeger

Oil is big business for our country, and, by extension, other countries too. Some people get blinded by the money the oil brings that the remain blindly loyal to anyone who cuts the check.

However, on the Western front, particularly, the Gulf Coast, Matt Fleeger is changing that. Gulf Coast Western LLC has been in business for a long time, where Matt Fleeger serves as President and CEO. What makes the company different, and, by extension, Matt Fleeger is the relationship he has with the company and the customers they serve.

“We believe in openness and full transparency. That is something you do not find too much with the oil and gas industries. People are too concerned with making money. The more money they may, the happier and richer they are. I feel that takes away from the core relationship we should be having with our loyal customers. You can make money and remain transparent at the same time. It requires a bit of honesty on everyone’s part. Oil is not just about who cuts the check. It is so much more than that.”

Matt Fleeger

The story of his company started back in Texas, back in the early ’70s. It was a family business, and it remains that way to this day.

They believe in family. It does not matter how much the company has expanded over the years, with locations in Texas, Colorado, and Mississippi. Matt Fleeger has said the company has seen its fair share of storms, including two partnerships.

Matt’s Role

Matt feels strongly about team-building and the core values that have led them this far. They may be worth more than $100 million, but Matt says the company still feels the same way it did when it first began.

Matt feels that the emphasis on family has helped them to steer clear of some of the pitfalls the oil industry attracts.

“People do get led astray by the money. Greed has a terrible way of making people do the wrong things. Thankfully, we are all quiet on the western front.

With The Kind Of Expert Services That Talkspace Offers, It Is No Surprise The Company Has Consistently Received Good Reviews

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The goal behind Talkspace is the offer individuals the ability to live happier and more fulfilled lives. This can be difficult for people that suffer from issues of mental illness and the stigma around these types of issues will also often prevent them from getting the therapy that they need. Talkspace is working to change that by offering this therapy in a way that has never been more convenient or confidential. The company is the leader in online talk therapy. With Talkspace, users can communicate with qualified mental health counselors through several methods. These methods include text messages and video messages. The unique platform has been attaining a great deal of positive buzz and users of Talkspace consistently give the program great reviews. Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

There are a number of reasons that Talkspace users give for why the app has been such a benefit to their lives. They consistently remark on how utilizing the Talkspace app helps them to live their lives more fully than ever before because they have someone to talk to when they need it. Users of Talkspace also remark on how their counselors know when they need to be consoled and when they need to be pushed to grow. This kind of access to therapy has never been simpler and it is a big reason why so many users have great things to say about Talkspace.

Users at Talkspace also give good reviews about the different options that are available and the pricing of these plans. Talkspace endeavors to offer a unique service to users at an affordable rate so that they can truly gain access to these valuable programs and utilize them when they need them. It is yet another item on the list of reasons why Talkspace is becoming a huge hit with so many that have tried it out. Read More:

Michael Nierenberg Is Buying Buildings

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The Psychic Friends Network closed down for a reason. The ability to see into the future has been debunked several times, and unless Michael Nierenberg had Nostradamus on his investment banking teams during the mortgage crisis, he nor anyone could have ever seen what was coming. The tumble weeds were blowing by in late 2006 and the skies were turning black, but no one really knew what was coming. Even if traders of CMOs suspected that there were problems, few actually knew that there were a plethora of lenders, out in the bucolic suburbs, writing mortgages on those with very risky credit profiles.

Michael Nierenberg lived through this entire debacle, and it is perhaps during these dark days that a new strategy, of active management of mortgage backed securities, was adopted by this seasoned professional. As CEO of New Residential Investments (NRI), after having a storied career working for nearly all of the big investment banks in New York City, he believes that active asset management is the only way forward. NRI operates as a REIT and will outright buy distressed properties rather than invest in them.

The great Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, has observed that it is better to be a buyer of a business rather than renting its stocks. Post-mortgage crisis, the same applies for the real estate market. In addition, I am sure Michael Nierenberg feels better owning the entire property, knowing what is going on with it and using it to strengthen the NRIs position. Investing blindly is what led to the mortgage crisis, so avoiding that kind of blind investment, where one does not know much about the property they are buying into, is best avoided by simply owning the property. NRI, under Michael Nierenberg’s guidance, will likely be solid as a result of his overall experience spanning a very tumultuous three decades in the financial industry.

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Eric Lefkofsky: A Key Player in the Fight Against Cancer

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Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and partner of Lightbank. He also founded Tempus, a tech company that uses an operating system to fight cancer. He currently serves as its CEO.

In addition, Lefkofsky co-created Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, and co-chairs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with Liz Lefkofsky, his wife, to promote effective strategies that improve lives in under served communities. The foundation has helped to bankroll more than 50 organizations. As if he weren’t busy enough, Eric is a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and other important institutions.

Lefkofsky is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Lefkofsky has taught at the University of Chicago and authored a book entitled, “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.” Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan.

Lefkofsky has been focused lately on the devastating effects of the dreaded disease of cancer. He believes that one of the biggest culprits is the waste of a trillion dollars in healthcare. Lefkofsky believes that if we were more sagacious with our use of funding, we could eliminate poverty, save over a million productive Americans from dying, adding more financial muscle to our economy, and enabling us to find a cure for cancer.

Lefkofsky’s company Tempus, recently raised another $200 million for cancer research. Tempus has collaborated with several of the country’s largest cancer-treatment facilities. The company offers genomic-sequencing exams for cancer patients from its own laboratories, as well as data-analysis that assists doctors in determining which exact treatments work best for each individual patient.

Tempus has been effective because it has built a plan of action to compile, organize, optimize, and analyze clinical data that can be used to understand more about cancer and how best to combat it. Lefkofsky states that his goal in the fight against cancer, is to aid doctors in creating specific treatments for each patient.

Locationsmart finding new barriers without a challenge

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LocationSmart picked and Digital World Map Shoreline and International Administrative Boundaries to use in its consistence APIs. The organization has extended its Smart Zone API that enables a business to affirm that the area of a gadget got by means of one of different area techniques is in or out of a given limit.

This now 46 API presently incorporates consistence checks against worldwide nation limits alongside other pre-designed and client explicit limit alternatives. LocationSmart plans to have the first of its worldwide clients utilizing this consistence administration in Q4 of this current year. Now enjoying this time off but still being able to flip the switch when needed. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

CEO Hugo van der Linde: “We are cheerful that we have gone into a consent to permit area and limit information to LocationSmart. LocationSmart is the overall Cloud Location Services showcase pioneer for associated gadgets. This understanding reinforces our conviction that we offer a quality mapping item, coordinating current market needs.”

LocationSmart chose AND as its accomplice for worldwide guide limits for their exhaustive inclusion and flexibility in information conveyance,” said Mario Proietti, CEO of LocationSmart. We’re satisfied to offer these improved administrations to our clients and to expand the utility of our area stage for check and consistence needs.

LocationSmart can you believe it is now the overall Cloud Location Services showcase pioneer for associated gadgets. We give the most complete cross-bearer stage for nearby, hyper-neighborhood and setting mindful application improvement.

Our center area administrations range indoor and open air use crosswise over gadgets, stages and bearer systems. Serving High Value net clients and inventive new companies alike, LocationSmart is changing the manners in which organizations work together.

We convey the broadest reach and biggest worldwide impression, with a broad arrangement of security assent strategies for simple end client appropriation.

This marks the great start to a great company where it will thrive upon its markets and customer showing competitors what its all about and who runs this sector. Do not get them wrong they are only using the slightest of slight to play from the underdog stance where nobody expects nothing from them.

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David McDonald Talks About OSI Group’s Expansion In China

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The global food processing company known as OSI Group celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary of operating in China. Since the company opened up its first location in Beijing in 1992, it has been able to grow and establish a strong presence in the country. During the year of 2008, China held the Olympics and was able to supply a number of food items such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs and onions to the masses. During this time, OSI China did not receive any complaints for providing these food items. Today, OSI China provides food supplies to many known restaurants and coffee chains such as Starbucks, Papa Johns, Burger King, Subway and McDonalds.

The president and chief operating officer of OSI Group David McDonald has recently talked about the company’s presence in China. When talking in a recent interview, David revealed that the company understands the value of making a business local. As an American based company, OSI has looked to help Chinese food processing companies provide food products that are in the highest demand in the Chinese marketplace. According to David, OSI needs to be localized in order to reach its potential for success.

Another key to the success of OSI’s expansion into China according to David is the ability to develop trust. The company has focused its efforts on listening to Chinese customers and finding out what they need and want out of a food processing company. It was important to understand their perspective on many issues pertaining to buying, selling and processing food items. McDonald revealed that OSI had to spend a lot of time building rapport with Chinese customers in order to establish a presence in the country.

While expanding to China, David McDonald has revealed that the company OSI still looks to maintain its key principles. The company has always focused on food safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Following these principles has allowed the company to more easily transition into international markets. However, he did reveal that OSI still needs to focus on catering to the needs of the Chinese market. With this approach, OSI has been able to successfully expand to China and maintain successful operations in the nation. OSI Group acquires Baho Food