Jack Plotkin on the Importance of Population Management Care Coordination in Healthcare

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Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is among the leaders in the changing healthcare system. He is the CPO of a large telehealth company called Virtual Health. Even though telehealth has been making waves recently, it is far from new technology. There are a number of challenges this technology has faced as it has tried to become a cornerstone of the healthcare system. One of the challenges that Jack Plotkin has been working on is that of population and care coordination. In order for telehealth to become successful in its goal to become a larger part of the healthcare system, it will need to tackle these problems head-on.

One of the biggest challenges in the world of population management and care coordination is that these technologies are incredibly new. Therefore, only select systems are able to work with the data that is able to be collected using this new healthcare system. Furthermore, some of the systems have only been developed with work with managed care organizations and cannot work well with the data that is collected using telehealth. At the same time, these are new technologies that have recently been developed that can work with telehealth to manage big data, large patient populations, and help to coordinate care. As a result, Jack Plotkin believes that telehealth, this time, is here to stay.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin is the current CPO of Virtual Health. He also acts as the architect of the company’s transformation into one of the leaders in the world of healthcare. He is leading the charge to develop population management and care coordination services that can lead the world of telehealth. He has a degree in both computer science and economics from Harvard, placing him in a unique position to lead the future generation of leaders in the world of healthcare. He has also worked for Fortune 500 companies, playing a significant role in their growth and development.

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Alexis Kennedy Shows How Indie Game Development is Done

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Scary games sell. Someone who develops a “spooky” game has to be a fan of all-things-creepy. A combined passion for the genre and storytelling can lead to creating a brilliant, scary game that strikes a nerve with players. Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator reveals a game that provides perfect late-night horror-themed adventures. Alexis Kennedy delivered the game to the market thanks to assistance from a partner and contributors to a Kickstarter campaign. He’s not an employee of a top gaming company. Kennedy ekes out his place in the independent gaming world. Things aren’t always easy when self-employed in a not-so-dynamic industry. Indie gaming developers must meet scores of challenges. Alexis Kennedy overcame some significant obstacles to make his mark in the industry. Weather Factory represents his achievements, and the company has its fans.

Writing and developing games means working double-duty in two diverse areas. Since he runs the show at Weather Factory, Kennedy also takes on managing duties. He doesn’t work alone, as he and his partner rely on a team. Coordinating the team becomes somewhat of a challenge because everyone works remotely. Kennedy isn’t one to run from a problem.

Another challenge exists in the area of promotions. A small indie label doesn’t receive the free publicity gaming publications and websites give to the big players. An indie also lacks the massive budget necessary to perform blitz marketing. A lot of hard work must go into getting customers’ attention. Experience, however, can teach someone about what to do.

Cultist Simulator’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, one that greatly exceeded the original target goal, shows Alexis Kennedy can capture attention with the right product. Hopefully, a follow-up occult game will do just as well.

Alexis Kennedy didn’t initially intend to become an independent gaming developer. He found himself becoming one while on a sabbatical from his software consultant job. Occultist Simulator fans are happy he made the career change.

Prevagen Can Help You Learn To Enhance Your Brain’s Activity

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The brain is the single most important organ in the body. People need to keep this one sharp.

When people are able to think clearly about the world around them, they can cope with anything life tosses their way and emerge victorious with an essential sense of self confidence. There are many ways to keep your brain in top condition.

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One company that is doing much to enable people to retain their facilities well into old age is Prevagen. They offer so many ways that can help anyone feel better and find it easier to exercise their mental capacity. They are expects at showing anyone how to live to the fullest.

A few simple tips can help anyone feel stay in shape from head to toe.

Exercise Each Day

One way to keep it all together is with the use of exercise. Physical activity helps anyone creates blood flow. When blood flows to the extremities, it’s easier for it to get to the brain at the same time. Physical activity is an excellent way to help release stress.

If you are facing a problem of any kind, you can always to it to the gym and let it go. A good run, relaxing swim or a session with weights can help you find that all important center and increase your ability to respond to any kind of challenges the rest of the day. The brain also responds well to physical exercise. Studies show the hippocampus is particularly responsive to this kind of activity.

Improved Concentration

Exercise has another benefit. It can also help you focus more on written material. People who regularly exercise are those who are likely to find it easier to concentrate. When you choose to work out, you are making it possible to keep your mind on any task on front of you.

Your attention span will benefit when you are bringing that exercise to your body. You can get fit. In the process, you can become someone who can engage in the valuable process of multitasking and using the information you have learned later on.

Reducing Cognitive Decline

When people get older, they may find it harder to think. This kind of cognitive decline is one that most people will experience in life. People can find it harder to remember where they put things as well as learning new information.

While this is common, it does not have to be a given. You can engage in activity that will help you overcome such issues for as long as possible. Studies have shown that people don’t need to spend a lot of time exercising to get the benefits from it and help ward off any possible kind of decline in this way.

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Even just half an hour of walking fast for only three times a week can help anyone reduce this possibility as they age. The same is true for people who use light weights as little as twice each week.


How LocationSmart Can Help Companies Make Better Use Of IT Geotracking Technology

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LocationSmart is a Carlsbad, California company that provides cloud location services. Companies can use this technology in many ways, such as tracking assets and employees or providing location-based services to consumers. All types of devices can be tracked with LocationSmart. It is a company that offers its services around the world.

LocationSmart is a secure app that takes a cloud-based approach to data management. The user doesn’t have to install any application on their device for this service to work. The technology provides real-time location tracking for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, M2M, and IoT devices.

It is the world’s leading Location-as-a-Service firm. It offers the most comprehensive platform and is the largest company in its industry. LocationSmart’s clients range from small startups to multinational corporations. Their app works on almost every carrier and provides the biggest overall footprint in the market. This makes adopting this technology both practical and easy.

Cisco released a report that estimated that by 2021, most people will be using at least four connected devices each day. A system that can identify unique IP addresses can be used by companies to become far more efficient. Insights such as IP geolocation give them a way to retrieve relevant data and use it to expand their capabilities. This can lead to improved profitability and improving what they can offer to the end-user.

LocationSmart can be used to prevent online fraud. If a company can identify the IP location of their customer, it can be a powerful way to deter fraud. Companies already use IP addresses to make sure it really is the customer logging into their online account. LocationSmart provides additional insights into where a device is located such as if there is a proxy, anonymizer, or host being used. This makes fraud detection much higher. Once fraud is detected, the account can be frozen and the service temporarily denied. This leads to improved customer confidence and satisfaction.

Businesses can use Geo-targeted advertising to reach customers. If they know where the customer is they can provide relevant information that is personalized and timely. An example is a customer being shown a promotion near them.

LocationSmart can be used for copyright protection. IP geolocation can restrict access to published material and licensed content depending on where in the world a device is. This helps companies better manage their distribution agreements and comply with regulations and licenses.

IP geolocation can be used to better manage traffic on a network. This technology doesn’t require cookies, additional privacy disclosures, or other practices that people find invasive. Companies can prevent online attacks by detecting that activity over a network is suspicious. They can then restrict access from certain locations.

Companies that operate mobile lotteries are iGames have to follow local and state guidelines and regulations. LocationSmart can be used to ensure that players are within the geographical area where they can legally play. Their location will determine whether they can bet, accept tickets, or collect a payout.

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Toyo Setal: A Focus On Sustainability In Every Project

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The professionals at Toyo Setal have experience in running a company that began well before the industrial complex construction company was founded in 2012. The private company has not only committed itself to operate profitably, but they have also been committed to taking care of the impact that their projects and other actions have on surrounding communities and on the environment itself. While Toyo Setal is mainly focused on projects in oil and gas, they have also worked within the mining, fertilizer, steel, energy, infrastructure, and chemical industries as well. The values that the construction company holds stem from their parent companies, Toyo Engineering and Setal Oil and Gas. This subsidiary is based in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo and is the product of a partnership between these companies.

The company’s extensive experience has helped them to make informed decisions when it comes to their operations. Toyo Setal has set out to leave a healthy planet for the next generations and they have made extensive efforts to make this a reality. They not only manage the use of resources and waste, but they also give back to communities and the environment in many other ways. One important part of this process is supporting initiatives to plant trees in many different regions. This helps to protect the beauty of nature and mitigate the possible damage from carbon emissions. The mitigation process starts long before ground is ever broken on these complex projects and almost every factor of the process.

Special care is taken to protect the wildlife that calls the construction areas home as they are rescued and relocated to locations where they will be safe and protected. Toyo Setal also puts resources behind saving the endangered and rare species of trees that are located in the region so that they can be preserved and enjoyed in the future. While the efforts that Toyo Setal makes have a big impact, they encourage productive action to be taken well after their projects are finished by educating the communities surrounding these projects about the importance of environmental preservation as well as holding workshops focused on archeological efforts.

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Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter Change the Way People Fly in the Private World

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Many people have heard about the luxuries of flying on a commercial jet. They hear about the wonders of the comfortable seats, the delicious food, and the smooth flights. At the same time, when Sergey Petrossov first set foot on one of these planes, he was struck by something else. He couldn’t believe just how hard it was to book a seat on one of these magical planes. As a result, he decided to do something about it. Now, his company, called JetSmarter, is one of the leaders in the industry. It is worth more than $1 billion and has grabbed the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family. He got the idea for his company after flying on a private plane himself.

Sergey Petrossov could not believe just how difficult it was to book a seat on a private plane. For him, it was like taking a step back in time. Someone had to physically call someone else on the phone. Then, they needed to physically sign papers to complete the process. Sergey Petrossov believed this was one of the many reasons why people weren’t using this industry, simply making the cost prohibitive to many people. He set out to change this and make the industry more accessible to a greater number of people.

Using his app, those who are looking to book a seat on a private plane are able to see all of the private flights available. Then, with the push of a button, people can select the flight of their choosing. This is a far easier process than it was in the past. Now, more people are using private planes. This has led to a steep price reduction, further contributing to the growth of the industry. Sergey Petrossov sees his company continuing to grow in the future.


Maarten De Jeu Planning Your Financial Future With Commercial Real Estate

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Fortune 500 companies know Maarten De Jeu as one of the best in the field of strategic advisers. He goes into detail on why investors should add commercial restate to their investment and explains why adding real estate is a lot easier than most people think. 


Average investors now have more opportunities to invest in commercial real estate. Once the commercial real estate was something that only the rich could invest in, but these days anyone can participate in a pool for properties. 


When you think of commercial real estate, your selection is vast when it comes to profit. Commercial properties can be offices, warehouses, multi-family housing units, retail space, and even manufacturing centers.


There are some big differences in residential and commercial properties. For example, commercial properties are usually bigger which means the price to not only buy but constant care of than if you had bought a home plays a factor. 


In the past, investors on their own have had it challenging on grasping the full opportunities in commercial property. Thanks to the law-making changes, investors can now seek out possibilities in commercial real estate property. 


Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act helped make those changes for all types of investors. The act loosens restrictions for small businesses and allowed crowdfunding as a way of paying money for a specific project. With an investment as low as 5,000, investors have the opportunity of preselecting commercial real estate property, and investors get to share in the profit made from the rent or property asset. Jumpstart Our Business Startup or JOBS also allowed another option, and that’s receiving monthly interest rates. Learn more: https://mrmaartendejeu.wordpress.com/about/


Another advantage of commercial real estate deals with tax-deductible. Every year investor deducts the value of their property for taxes which relieve the burden during repair with extra money coming from paying fewer taxes. Investors should make sure they’re getting the most from their tax deduction with seeking out a reputable accountant.


Commercial real estate has fewer fees than traditional investment. 


These options give investors the chance to collect and invest again from the gains of their first investment. Many opportunities are waiting for those who want to invest in commercial property. 

Maarten De Jeu earned an MBA while attending Oxford University, and he was the first to graduate in his class that year. Successful in international, commercial real estate, investment, and financial services, Maarten De Jeu has a combination of industry knowledge as well as technical skills. 


Before he started his company, Maarten De Jeu worked for Aviva pic and TVDK management consultants. While working at TVDK, he managed some of their top customers. He saw his potential in helping projects along with his decision making and also building up teams as well as given multi-disciplinary action. Among Maarten De Jeu’s achievement, he helped found a technology known as Speak-up.


De Jeu enjoys spending time with his family and playing tennis. His other activities include belonging to several communities and business associations such as the Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Council on Global affairs.

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Contributions of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is one of the most rated executives of the Fortress Investment Group. He is the co CEO and the principal of the company. He was appointed in these positions in 1998 and has held the office with integrity. Peter also serves on the company’s board of directors whereby he has been involved in making the company’s major decisions.

Peter Briger has a lot of experience in the assets management business and before joining the company, he used to work at Goldman Sachs which was one of the most successful financial services firms. He had over 15 years of experience at the company and was the person behind taking the company to the Asian markets. Peter has a wide range of experience in the credit security department as well as in the management of investment professionals. He is also a renowned community man and has been involved in major investment clubs. He is also a renowned philanthropist.

Peter Briger’s exposure at Goldman Sachs helped him become a very successful person in the sector. He managed the team that penetrated Asian markets. He was at the front line helping Asian investors who would take advantage of distressed securities. He later became the firm’s partner in 1996 after helping it penetrate in some of the most precious markets.

Peter Briger later left Goldman Sachs to join the newly established firm, Fortress Investment Group. He was lucky to join the top-level leadership at the company. He had a lot of experience moreover desiring to implement his skills towards making Fortress a global leader. He went to the credit division of the company. He also manages a team of over 300 employees whose work is to advise the firm’s investors.

Peter Briger is also a very prominent giver. He always shares his experience and expertise with people willing to venture into the finance industry. He acts as an adviser to the Princeton University students. He has also contributed his time and resources towards the maintenance of Central Park Conservancy. The site has become a tourist attraction in New York as well as becoming the best and the most appealing place. He has also contributed to helping San Francisco families get affordable housing.

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Career Profile of Peter Briger

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Peter Briger is a well known executive in the financial world. Briger has worked in the industry for over two decades. While he has worked in the industry, he was a member of two highly successful organizations. When he worked at firms such as Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group, Peter held a number of important roles. His experience has allowed him to advance to high level positions which allowed him to make a positive impact on the firms that he has been a part of. Along with making an impact in the financial sector, Peter is also active in helping members of his local community. After he finished business school, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs. He spent over a decade at the firm in which he served as a partner as well as a high ranking manager.

While he was employed at Goldman Sachs, Briger managed both the credit asset division as well as an Asian committee. His involvement with the credit asset division and the Asian committee allowed him to help the firm expand as well as provide better service to its clients. After serving as a partner during his final six years at the firm, Peter decided to join another firm. During the first couple of years in the 2000’s, Peter Briger looked for new opportunities in the financial services industry. Briger accepted employment at Fortress Investment Group. As soon as he became a member of the firm, Peter began managing divisions that oversaw credit backed assets.

Along with managing these divisions, Peter had an active role on the management team as he became a member of the firm’s management committee. Over the next several years, Peter would attain more high ranking positions at the firm. Today, he is a principal as well as a co chief executive officer who works out of the firm’s San Francisco office. Peter Briger got his start early in the financial sector. As a student at Princeton University, he spent his years as a member of its investment club. Briger attended two of the top universities in the country which included the Ivy League universities Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a board member of two charitable organizations. Read More.

Dr. Jejurikar – A Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Sam Jejurikar was exposed to many surgical specialties in medical school but liked the creativity and freedom of plastic surgery. He was enticed by the wide range of surgeries plastic surgeons perform. He studied plastic surgery for 8+ years at the University of Michigan before moving to New York for more training. Sam Jejurikar has memberships in the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Jejurikar, now a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Dallas, Texas, is a partner in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He says the Institute was started by notable plastic surgeons. Jejurikar says being involved with the Institute provides opportunities for shared overhead and economies of scale in purchasing. Dr. Jejurikar has won many awards, locally and nationally, and is recognized by peers from his line of work. Dr. Jejurikar trained in plastic surgery and earned certificates from New York University and Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. He soon recognized a desire to manage his own practice, so he joined the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Jejurikar enjoys having his surgery center close to his office because he can see more patients and avoid downtime. The proximity of the surgery center and his office allows him to converse with these patients because he often moves back and forth between the two. It also allows him to use products and procedures other than facial rejuvenation surgeries on every patient who wants to look younger.

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