HCR Wealth Advisors Guides Clients Through Charitable Giving

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HCR WEALTH ADVISORMany people approach charitable donations as a way of giving back to the community. What they may not realize are the ways it can help reduce their tax burden now, in the future, and for their heirs. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that shows clients how to do just that.

Many people aren’t financially savvy and don’t realize things like how stock donations can be tax-deductible or the best way to buy and sell stocks when trying to minimize taxes. HCR Wealth Advisors services high net worth individuals who have had success in business or other areas of life but need help managing their donations, eliminating large tax burdens, and optimizing how they use their cash. Proper management can also help make charitable gifts larger since the Internal Revenue Service is taking a smaller cut.

HCR Wealth Advisors seeks to establish relationships through education, trust, and service. Clients who understand what’s going on can feel more confident in their plans and the security of their future. One of the firm’s first steps is to develop a strategy to help clients reach their financial goals whether that’s retirement savings, leaving a legacy, minimizing taxes, or making charitable gifts. HCR Wealth Advisors also seeks to protect clients against risk by monitoring the latest trends and making adjustments as needed. As the firm creates personalized financial strategies, clients are able to take an active role in the process and make investments matching their goals and beliefs. Since it’s one of the firm’s goals to educate clients on investment strategy, involved clients who are meeting their charitable and other goals are one of HCR Wealth Advisors most important measures of success.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

The Changes Jack Plotkin is Hoping to Make to Telehealth

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JACK PLOTKIN2020 is here and technology is booming. The way that life is handled is so different today than it was even 20 years ago. The healthcare industry, and more particularly telehealth, is one of the industries seeing major changes thanks to technology. People such as Jack Plotkin, are involved in making these changes and ensuring that telehealth is being properly used. Here are a few of the changes that people such as Jack Plotkin, are working hard to make to the telehealth industry.

Changing the Way Metrics Are Input and Used

One of the changes that Jack Plotkin is hoping to make to telehealth is the way that metrics are input and used. Anyone who has ever used a telehealth app knows it can be frustrating. You have to input your weight, height, age and what your goals are. By the time you get to the information you really want to input, you are bored and over it. Jack is working to change the set-up and pre-fill all this information, so you are not constantly having to put it in.

Transforming the Way Telehealth Information Can Be Shared

Another way that Jack Plotkin is working to transform telehealth is by changing the way that telehealth information is shared. Imagine inputting your blood sugar readings into an app every day and having that information shared with your doctor, your cardiologist and other healthcare professionals you are working with. Your doctors would all share information and work together, ensuring everyone who has the needed information has it.


Jack Plotkin is the head of the start-up VirtualHealth, and the CEO and founder of Cardinal Solutions. He likes to transform industries through technology, thus changing the way that we all live for the better. Telehealth is an industry that Jack is passionate about, as technology can bring so much to the healthcare industry. This is why he is working so hard to implement all of these changes, transforming the healthcare industry and telehealth in this new decade.

Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

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Gulf Coast WesternFounded in 1970 as a family-owned business, Gulf Coast Western has expanded its reach to locations throughout the United States. Operations include facilities and leases in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi. Matthew Fleeger is helming this dynamic company as it impacts Gulf Coast production and partners with U.S. companies.

Through joint ventures, Gulf Coast Western is focusing its exploration and develop in the Gulf Coast region. The company focuses on areas that have infrastructure as well as promising geological and geophysical properties. Joint ventures are entered into using a well-designed approach and return on investment calculation. Low downside risk combined with a substantial return on investment enables Gulf Coast Western to deliver substantial value to owners and investors.

Matthew Fleeger has an impressive background in business management and has led companies from inception to national brand recognition. His accolades include the development of MedSolutions, Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. His skills at spurring innovation and outperforming the competition are giving Gulf Coast Western the edge needed to expand. The joint ventures and strategic vision of this company are a direct result of Fleeger’s leadership.  

As the company continues to expand, it will focus on regions outside of the Gulf Coast. To that end, the business will continue to partner with existing companies to expand its reach. This is a key element of the company’s vision and ability to grow over the long run.GULF COAST WESTERN

Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger continue to innovate in the oil and gas industry, especially as it relates to production in the Gulf Coast region. The synergies being created are increasing shareholders’ wealth and providing benefits for internal and external stakeholders.

Notes from James River Capital Founder on How to Inspire Others at Work

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JAMES RVER CAPITAL CORPAnybody can be a boss and be in charge of other people.  But how do you truly inspire others in a business setting?  We provide some helpful tips that come from James River Capital founder, Paul Saunders.  Read this blog and you too can become an inspiration for your co-workers. 

First of All, Connect with People

What do we mean by this?  Instead of walking around the office with your nose up in the air, talk to your peers and employees.  Get to know them and find out their goals and ideas for the company.  Then help them achieve those.  Strike up a conversation with the lad sitting at the desk next to you.  Do not worry about talking during work hours because you can make it a chat about business.  Maybe he or she is having a problem with a task.  You may have just the solution for them.

Demonstrate Leadership Qualities at Work

Stick to your deadlines. Be on time always.  Be confident but not arrogant.  Stay away from inter-office gossip.  Dress appropriately but not in a gaudy fashion.  Take lots of notes during a business meeting.  Employees at James River Capital have lots of experience doing this.  These are definitely leadership quality pointers.

Do More Than What is Expected of You

If you are the boss, people expect you to exhibit leadership qualities.  However, if you want to inspire them, go above and beyond those qualities.  Become involved in what your employees are doing and go out of your way to be helpful.  Always listen to what they have to say, then try to address their concerns or implement their ideas.  You ought to do these things without any financial incentives being offered to you.  Present them with helpful ideas of your own on how to complete a particular project.  In other words, show them you care.  It will go a long way to inspiring them to perform better.   That is always a good thing.  

HCR Wealth Advisors Talks About Gifting Stocks to Charity

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Most people give cash as charitable donations.  However, according to HCR Wealth Advisors, gifting stock could be far better.  This article describes why and how it can benefit the investor.  This firm is a leading authority on the subject and its advice is sound.


Stock Donations Are Tax Deductible

This is something you may not have thought of.  Giving stock as a donation is indeed tax deductible, especially since the tax laws have been modified.  The estimated tax-deductible value of donated stock can be as much as 30% of their gross income.  Go for it!

Preserve Your Cash, Donate Stock

When you donate stock to a charitable organization, it allows you to preserve your cash.  Stock can be even more valuable to that organization, particularly over time.  Meanwhile, you can use your cash for personal use such as a family vacation or an addition to your home.  Think about that!

What Qualifies HCR Wealth Advisors to Give Advice?

This firm has been dedicated to providing all sorts of investment and financial guidance to its clients since 1988.  It forges client relationships that last a lifetime and never falters in its commitment to them.  HCR will always point out the risks, as well as the benefits, of any strategy is suggests.  There is no better source of financial advice anywhere. 

Final Thoughts

Learning to donate stock to charity is a whole new way of thinking.  The natural human instinct tells us to give cash.  Yet giving stock can be far better.  It can be worth more down the line, especially because the dollar amount of stock that can be donated is higher.  Discover all of the benefits by looking up the firm on the Internet.  See for yourself why it is better.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

Sergey Petrossov

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SERGEY PETROSSOVThe funding contributions for a recent startup venture have reached an impressive amount with industry improvements across the board.  The CEO Sergey Petrossov has received important recognition for his startup company with the capital funding to now focus on technology launches with his teams of engineers.  JetSmarter is offering the mass affluent a one-stop shops for traveling with high-quality luxury experiences available for chartered flights.  The company’s membership numbers are growing with the social network now available for JetSmarter’s community of vacationers.  Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of the company with an impressive focus on customer behavioral patterns for luxury traveling experiences.

For those companies selling luxury experiences with travel, the demand side seems to be the focus with word-of-mouth marketing as a strength with technology innovations.  JetSmarter has smartly positioned its services with the luxury market and the mass affluent purchasers more common for private charters.  The personalized care and opportunities for additional services seem valued with this sizable market.  Sergey Petrossov has done a good job as the CEO of the company and his approaches with the affluent markets are notable as impressive leadership.  With the loyal customers and new innovations across the industry, JetSmarter has positioned itself nicely with people who love the services.


Valuation has reached an impressive range with a $1.5 billion achievement for JetSmarter and the founder Sergey Petrossov.  The company has also received support with notable funders that have helped the company in other ways with word of mouth marketing.  The achievements and the luxury experiences go nicely with additional offers for discounts and shared charter flights.  The network is benefiting as a group with better utilization and capacity planning for the industry’s service providers.    The combination of services and customers across different income markets is also helping to build interest in such amazing luxury experiences.  Sergey Petrossov is a smart entrepreneur and an experienced leader now with the affluent groups of travel-goers.

Doing Great Things With TJ Maloney

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TJ Maloney has worked very hard throughout the years to ensure that his business Lincolnshire Management became a success. He has a lot of knowledge in all things that deal with finances. He is able to do great things within his career because of his knowledge of finances. Lincolnshire Management is a company that was developed to work with private equities and other investments.

TJ Maloney started this business in the 1990s. Since starting the business he has helped them climb to some awesome heights. He went through a lot of years of schooling to receive the education that he needed to make sure that he was able to start a successful business and keep it climbing to even higher heights of success.

Throughout the years TJ Maloney has gained some pretty awesome positions in some pretty big groups including the Board of Trustees of The Tilton School. TJ Maloney enjoys serving in different groups such as these because they allow him to help other people. He prides himself in doing work that allows him to help others. He knows that there is always someone in life that is going to need help no matter what part of their life they are in or what they need help with and he wants to be there to help out whoever may need it.

TJ Maloney is very proud of everything that he has accomplished this far in his life. He knows that the future is not promised, but he is going to continue doing everything that he can to try and make sure that his future is filled with nothing but good things. He is going to continue to help other people out. He is very excited to continue working towards his future. He is very excited to help others work towards their futures and do great things.

Read more about Lincolnshire Management here http://www.lincolnshiremgmt.com/true-temper-unifies-true-sports-acquires-accra-shafts/

The Inspirational Endeavors of Raffaele Riva

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Launching a startup that turns a profit proves elusive to many entrepreneurs. Succeeding with multiple startups and then founding a powerful international financial umbrella company isn’t something many entrepreneurs can say they did. Raffaele Riva can. After a lifetime of progressive business achievements, Riva founded Aurea Multi-Family Office. The company overseas subsidiaries that handle wealth planning, asset management, and scores of other accounting and financial duties. Many wonders about how Riva attained such incredible levels of success. He doesn’t hold back when asked about the characteristics necessary to do well.

No matter what business endeavor someone explores, customer service factors into success. So does giving people what they want and knowing what they need. Raffaele Riva says to look at ways to make people’s lives better. Determine how to provide them with something of value. Clients and customers gravitate towards companies that deliver things that fulfill needs. So, focus on creating products and services of value.

There is value, and then there are values. Raffaele Riva also discusses the importance of staying true to personal values and priorities. In business, competitors, partners, and other entities may try to influence someone away from focusing on his/her priorities. Riva strongly points out you can’t let others determine your priorities.

Raffaele Riva believes business persons should fully embrace education and learning. As an avid reader, Riva expands his insights on many subjects. He feels the pursuit of knowledge helps prevent entrepreneurs from falling behind the times.

Riva also believes in the importance of living a life outside of your business ventures. He enjoys the arts, collects classic cars, belongs to the Monaco Yacht Club, and helps support the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. A life that is all work isn’t likely an enjoyable one.

Riva’s self-motivation served him well. He and his actions can inspire many.


Privinvest Build Ships All Over The World

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Founded in 1990, Privinvest is an international shipbuilding company. The thriving business was founded by two brothers, Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa. Privinvest is known for specializing in building military vessels, superyachts, commercial vessels, and everything in between. They also help countries transfer their intellectual and technology property so they can make their own naval industries. Although the Privinvest headquarters are located in Lebanon, they have offices all over the world. They are located in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Greece, and France.

Privinvest has delivered a lot of ships around the world. In over 40 countries, the successful company has delivered and built over 2,000 products. Privinvest employs over 2,500 people and growing. These employees work on their six shipyards around the world. One of this six shipyards is called CMN. They offer a number of services including renewable energy platform assembly, logistics and training support, and much more. As far as yachts and naval vessels, CMN also offers repair, refit, and an overhaul of these boats. With the many services Privinvest offers, it is not wonder they are a worldwide leader in their industry.

Iskandar is not only the co-founder of Privinvest, but also serves as the chief executive officer. The Lebanese businessman was born in April 1955. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in civil engineering from the American University of Beirut. Moving on to postgraduate school, Iskandar earned a Master of Business Administration degree in business administration from INSEAD. Before starting Privinvest with his brother, Mr. Safa managed several construction operations in places like Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His work with Privinvest has garnered lots of attention for his dedication and commitment to excellence. In addition to be a CEO, entrepreneur, and businessman, Iskandar Safa is also dedicated to his work as a philanthropist.

Bestselling Kushy Punch Edibles Expand to Arizona and Nevada

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Kushy Punch is an award-winning cannabis edible brand located in Southern California. Founded by CEO Ruben Cross in 2014, the company now boasts the top-selling gummy in the state. Cross originally came from the online marketing world, and sold a mini-website empire to a German media company in 2012. While volunteering at a dispensary, he noticed that patients had very few options for edibles. Kushy Punch was born out of this recognition for a health-conscious, diverse edible line. Kushy Punch’s products are widely loved by both recreational and medical patients who praise them for their quality and potency. Kushy Punch also launched a line of CBD products at the end of 2018, which ultimately won the “Best CBD” award at WeedCon 2018.

This new line includes a 500mg disposable CBD vape, a 1000mg CBD vape cartridge, and a 30ml tincture, among others. These joined Kushy Punch’s already renowned gummies and gel capsules to round out their overall product line. Kushy Punch’s flagship product is their classic organic, non-GMO full spectrum fruity gummy that comes in several different varieties. The most popular is the Sativa, a 100mg strawberry-flavored chewy candy. Others include the 95%+ pure THC Private Reserve, meant to be reminiscent of their now-gone 200mg gummy the TKO, and the smaller dose offerings like the 60mg Recover. Kushy Punch pride themselves on consistently high quality standards and consumer-minded focus on aspects of taste and general enjoyment.

Cross also believes in the responsibilities of cannabis companies to contribute to their communities, and has given back by donating over 2000 lbs to a food bank, financially contributing to Wildlife Waystation, and growing their own forest. This September, Ruben Cross announced that he would be expanding Kushy Punch’s operations into Nevada and Arizona, and would be present in those marketplaces in Fall 2019. Having just recently branched out to Michigan, Cross says the reception there has been wildly successful. They sold out of their original production run in less than four hours of opening. In establishing Kushy Punch in Nevada, the company hopes to target the millions of visitors that travel to Las Vegas every year. Cross hopes that this is the company’s first step to joining the international market in the future.