Matt Badiali Natural Resource Expert With Impeccable Investment Writing Skills

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Matt Badiali doubles up as natural resource expert author, researcher, and analyst. Badiali current undertaking includes serving as an analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the publishing firm in March of 2017. At Banyan Badiali authors the Real Wealth Strategist. The publication is a monthly natural resource investment advisory newsletter that targets investors with interest in oil and gas, mining, gold and agriculture among other natural resources. The newsletter according to Badiali takes a top to down approach to investment. Badiali first identifies investments that show downward trends study them and if he finds they have the potential for growth he advises his loyal readers to invest in them.

Matt Badiali before joining Banyan served as Geological Analyst at Stansberry and Associates. Badiali joined the firm in 2005 and spent more than a decade in the firm. At Stansberry, Badiali was the author of Stansberry Resource Report that grew to become one of the leading natural resource publications not only in the US but globally. The resource report focused on identifying profitable enterprises for investors to invest their resources. After 11 years of service, Badiali left Stanberry in January of 2017 and joined Banyan. Badiali has also worked at Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company as a Geologist. Badiali joined the firm in 1996 and served until 2000.

Matt Badiali is an academic giant. As an academician Badiali spent over five years at the University of North Carolina working towards his Ph.D. Badiali however did not complete his Ph.D. because he had other commitments and wanted to pursue career outside the academic world. Badiali hopes that he will return to the university someday to complete his Ph.D. Badiali holds a masters and an undergraduate degree in Geology.

Matt Badiali has a message for investors who would like to invest in Marijuana Industry. According to Badiali stocks in the companies that deal with marijuana is likely to skyrocket owing to the legalization of the product in many states and countries. Canada is the latest country that is going to legalize the use of Marijuana. Legal cannabis market in 2017 stood at 6 billion dollars and is projected to increase further as more and more states and countries are beginning to legalize its use.

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OSI Food Solutions Background

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OSI wins Award
OSI Food Solutions recently were awarded an award for being one of the top organizations that conserved and preserved their environment. OSI has always been involved in work that sustains the environment, and their efforts were recognized by the British Safety Council who gave them the award. The British Safety Council is an organization that gives an award every year to companies that make it their point to be environmentally friendly. This year the award went to OSI went to OSI who were deeply honored for receiving the award. OSI was happy that their efforts were not going to waste.

OSI Purchases Flagship Europe
Flagship Europe just like OSI is a food service company that caters to the people in the United Kingdom. In Europe, Flagship is the top company when it comes to food production and processing. Flagship Europe sells an array of products to its clients which includes pies, mayonnaise, and frozen poultry. OSI Food Solutions bought Flagship Europe from its franchise which is the Flagship Food Group. The chief executive officer at Flagship Europe was greatly pleased by this purchase as it will be a great addition to the family. The CEO stated that this purchase would bring new networking opportunities to Flagship Europe in the global market and locally.

This is because OSI Food Solutions is a company that has made a huge mark in the global market. Flagship Europe can, therefore, put this to use so that they can make their mark in the global market. OSI Food Solutions also has a large market audience in different parts of the world. The amount of customers that it will bring to Flagship Europe is massive. Flagship Europe can benefit from this by adding these customers to their list of supplies. OSI will also benefit from this purchase because they will have a new market in Europe that they did not have before this purchase. The purchase of Flagship Europe will allow for great development in the organization and broadening of their services.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Creates R.A.W. – A Natural, Sustainable Hair Care Product Line

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After working at name brand hair care companies in managerial positions, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is now the Global Brand President of Matrix/Biolage. As President of this US hair care brand, Dan has now launched a brand new sustainable and natural-focused hair care line – R.A.W.

This new line was created with a focus on ensuring their formulation focused on natural, sustainable, and bio-degradable ingredients without any harsh parabens, sulfates, or silicone in their products. Furthermore, Dan wanted to ensure the products were sustainable both in their production and packaging. This is why R.A.W. products are made from fair-trade ingredients and packaged in completely recycled material.

Plastic from shampoo and conditioner bottles still contributes towards plastic waste in landfills. However, there is a growing trend towards reducing our waste as individuals. In addition to wanting more sustainable products, there is a growing realization of the often harsh chemicals used in hair care products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has taken an authentic approach to these growing concerns by creating R.A.W. hair care products.

The process in creating R.A.W. has not been easy for Dan and his team. For example, they had to push back the launch date because of contamination issues with sourcing clay as an ingredient. They had to work harder to source the right clay rather than compromising their formula or their production process.

Along with working hard to provide great sustainable, natural, and wholesome hair care products, the R.A.W. team has also been educating others on how to live more sustainably. This includes teaching hair stylists in salons around the U.S. how to decrease water and power use along with sharing sustainable tips via their Instagram feed. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and his team also use their Youtube page to extend their platform. For example, they challenge people to take short cold showers together to promote sustainability.

After recently launching in the US, R.A.W. is ready to soon be launched in the UK. So far, R.A.W. has had great positive reviews. They’re now looking to see if other parts of the world are open to the option of sustainable, fair-trade, natural hair care.

Critics And Supporters Advise Not To Take Betsy DeVos For Granted

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is well into her second year of service with the Trump Administration. Her tenure hasn’t been without fanfare or controversy. Mrs. DeVos is known as a pragmatic and generous person by those who know her best. However, some of her decisions thus far have some of her biggest supporters scratching their heads.


DeVos was born into a wealthy conservative in Holland, MI. After graduating from Calvin College, she married her sweetheart Dick DeVos. Mrs. DeVos’s husband is the heir to the Amway fortune.


Mrs. DeVos’s Dutch Christian background goes hand-in-hand with her beliefs about charter schools. The former chair of the Michigan Republican Party has worked tirelessly for school choice since she first entered politics. DeVos says she believes that all children should have the opportunity to attend schools that offer them the best education.


Critics of DeVos say that is destroying public education. Wayne State University Education Professor Thomas Pedroni says Mrs. DeVos claims she is public education’s worst nightmare. “She is doing everything she can to promote policies to harm public school children.”


Mrs. DeVos scoffs at the accusations, accusing the critics of misrepresenting the facts. However, many point out that that funds in the state of Michigan were being diverted from public education toward charter schools. Additionally, the Michigan charter schools have no oversight and are statistically among the worst in the nation.


John Booy The Potter House Superintendent has given the DeVoses the highest praise when it comes to education. “She has done an magnificent job with the Potter’s House. She has a great relationship with both staff and students.”


But in terms of what she’s doing on the job, many people are troubled by what they are seeing. The rollbacks of laws put in place by the Obama Administration are by far the worst.


“There’s nothing wrong in doing what you believe is right,” said Calvin College graduate Nathan Wolfis. “However, I question whether she’s the right person for the job.” This seems to be a familiar refrain regarding Mrs. DeVos. As one unnamed source put it “You can be lousy at your job, but still be a good person.”


While the job of Secretary of Education have a tremendous learning curb, most of her colleagues believe she will soon catch on. “People have a tendency to underestimate her. That’s a mistake,” said Booy.


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Facts That Have Led to the Current Success of Richard Liu Qiangdong

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Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO and founder of, which is among the largest e-commerce businesses in China. The company was born in 2004 after the SARS epidemic hit China and preventing employees of various companies from getting out of their homes. At the time, Richard Liu owned a company Jingdong which was concerned with selling computer equipment. He, therefore, developed where he sold his computer equipment’s online. Currently, owns assets worth $11 billion. During Davos-Klosters’s interview with Richard Liu Qiangdong at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, he provided facts that enabled him to shape his business and become a successful entrepreneur. At the interview, he explained how the name “” was formed. He claimed that the name was formed after combining his first name and the last name of his wife.

During the interview, he talked about how he began developing his entrepreneurial skills in 1998. He stated that while at the University, he realized that his degree in sociology would not help him get a good paying job which made him focus his attention on computer programming through freelancing. After his graduation, he worked at various companies such as a health product company and Japan Life as a director of computers. Richard Liu also spoke of the business transport that his parents were involved and how they were still poor.

Through his earning while at the University as a freelancer, he opened a restaurant which failed because he devoted less of his time to it. He stated that he needed to earn more money to help his sick grandmother receive quality treatment. In 1998 be started another business that sold computer equipment, and because of the SARS outbreak, he ventured into online business because the outbreak it made it dangerous to have a face to face conversation with customers. In the interview, Richard Liu stated that when he compared data obtained from offline and online business, online business was more efficient and it offered customers with greater satisfaction. He also started selling cell phones, IT products, and digital products.

Deirdre Baggot Speaks About her Career

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Deirdre Baggot enjoys having several titles. However, her role as a clinician and hospital executive is what makes her popular in the global market. Deirdre Baggot comes first when it comes to the female leaders who have acquired the highest academic qualifications in their careers. Thanks to her knowledge in health, the clinician came up with the bundled payments in the medical world, with her innovation, operations in health facilities that have embraced the technology are performing in an effective way. The reforms, according to Deirdre Baggot, are needed for the satisfaction of the people who need services in health facilities. In her career, Baggot has also successfully written over twenty papers that focus on healthcare reforms, payment transformation, and bundled payments. The businesswoman has also been featured in prominent platforms with the primary aim of telling the community about the reforms that are essential in healthcare. Read full interview of Deirdre Baggot at Inspirery

Deirdre Baggot said that she got into the healthcare payment business several years ago, and this happened after she had worked in academic healthcare for over a decade. The first position she got in her career was at Northwest Memorial Hospital before she finally got a position at the prestigious University of Michigan. One of the companies she was working for assisted her to start a career in consulting. This was a new start in her life, and it brought the best results in the life of the businesswoman. Her inspiration when starting consulting was to improve and make consumers have a good experience when they visit a medical facility to get treatment or any other service. When she founded her company, Baggot had to convince customers that whatever she was offering was great for business and growth in healthcare. Getting the first customer wasn’t difficult because Baggot had already established herself and connected with various companies in the past.

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Serge Belamant Patents

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Serge Belamant was born in France in the 1950s. At the age of 14 he and his family moved to Africa. He attended an all boy high school where he did very well in athletics such as Rugby. Serge Belamant attended a University to study engineering and computer science. He never actually finished his degree, but he became successful anyway. He joined a few different engineering firms through the years. He worked hard to become successful, and developed some patents along the way. This article is going to tell you all about the patents he developed.

Serge Belamant wanted to make sure that he protected his creative invention so that no-one could steal the ideas from them. He filed for patents on all of inventions including verification of a transactor’s identity. He filed for his first patent in November 2007 and the patent was granted in July 2014. Another patent that he filed for was financial transactions with a varying pin. He filed for this patent in September 2013, and it was granted in March 2014. Serge had a few other patents like the designation of electronic financial transactions that was filed in November of 2007, and patented in June 2012.

These were just some of the patents that Belamant filed for. About Serge Belamant, he has become a very successful man. Starting out small and growing your reputation to something large is something to be very proud of. Serge Belamant wants people to know that if you work hard you too can become a successful businessman. You have to set your mind to what you want to do and never give up. If you have a dream try your best to accomplish it. Anyone can be successful and have their very own patents. You just have to know what you want, and work hard to get there.

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Sunday Riley and Their Work on Amazing Skincare

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Having beautiful skin can be difficult when there are so many products on the market. One of the most amazing products on the market is known as the Sunday Riley line. This particular line of products is well-known for their anti-aging properties. People of all ages can make use of this particular product line and see for themselves how beneficial it is to feel and look their absolute best. If you have been trying to find a good skincare regimen that you can stick to for years, Sunday Riley has what you need in their kits, sets and serums.

One of the most popular products within the Sunday Riley line is known as Good Genes. Good Genes is a serum that uses two different acids to peel off dry and dead skin to reveal healthy skin underneath. This amazing skincare option is essential for those who want to reverse the hands of time and look their best no matter what they are planning to do. Good Genes has been around for quite some time and is one of the most trusted and loved products in the brand’s line. This is why it pays to take a look at what this amazing Sunday Riley product is able to do for you.

The most important thing about any product within the Sunday Riley line is to use it regularly. This is important because you will find that you get the most out of the experience because you are using the products correctly. For more information on this particular line and all that it is able to do for you, be sure to visit the Sunday Riley site and see what products are being sold. You will then be able to find a wide range of kits and serums that you can use regularly to achieve the beautiful skin that you need and want for yourself. You will enjoy the quality that has been put into every single product within this line and it is why a lot of men and women have fallen in love with the brand from the start as well.

What people are saying about eos™ Organic Lip Balm Summer Fruit

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eos™ Organic Lip Balm Summer Fruit is a 100% all-natural, paraben and petroleum free lip balm that comes in the fruity flavors of blueberry, peach and strawberry.

As with other eos™ balms, most rave about the size and shape of the summer fruit balm. The unique packaging makes these balms easy to find and aids in the perfect application. Although the flavor is that of a summer fruit, these lip balms are made to wear year round, including the winter months.

Many are loving summer fruit flavors because eos™ has managed to get the flavor combinations just right and not overwhelming like other brands can be.

Users of the eos™ Organic Lip Balm Summer Fruit also highlight factors such as its moisturizing effects, its use of quality ingredients for those with sensitive skin, long lasting wear after just one application, availability for purchase in almost any drug store or beauty supply store and affordability.

The eos™ lip balms have a huge fan base and many men and women state they have different flavors at home, at work, in their gym bags, cars and purses. As they are cost effective and in line with other lip balm brands, it is suggested that everyone make the initial investment and try out eos™ lip balms at least once.

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Brian Torchin Solves Staffing Challenges

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Brian Torchin is a professional in the medical field with experience in handling of patients in the friendliest manner. Brian has a solid background in chiropractic studies and has served patients utilizing a patient-centered approach in his chiropractic practice. He is well known for the establishment of healthcare recruitment counselors (HCRC)- a staffing company. The company has served organizations in many countries around the world among them Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. The company specializes as a recruitment agency in finding suitable candidates to fill positions in the medical field and law firms. The company is known for delivering the right candidates to organizations within three working days from the time of request by their clients. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Brian has also concentrated on opening medical offices in areas such as Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania to enable his clients to get specialized care and treatment. His passion is to deliver services to clients and solve medical challenges in a professional manner. Brian’s success has spread to many parts of the world, and several international media companies have featured his success story touching on his staffing company such as the CNN. The staffing company’s website provides vital information touching on health matters in workplace set up and criteria for organizations to fill a vacant position with outstanding candidates. It also contains a section for candidates to describe their work experience and qualifications for consideration.

Individuals and organizations that require contact information can easily access HCRC staffing company through its various social media platforms –Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. These social media platforms are regularly updated with current information touching on the available vacant positions and current trends in the medical field. Brian Torchin is also an active member on social media and anybody can reach him through his fan pages. Patients that have undergone treatment in his medical facilities recommend others to experience the professionalism undertaken by Brian and his staff.

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