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Tj Maloney: Four New Lincolnshire Management Additions

Companies rarely make a big deal out of hiring new people, but when the new team members are as talented as Lincolnshire Management’s new additions, it draws attention. According to Lincolnshire’s Chairman and CEO, Tj Maloney, the new additions will be added over the next year.

Matthew Nacier, who used to work for Lincolnshire, will rejoin the firm as a Senior Associate. He left Lincolnshire to work with middle-market companies and guide them through go-to-market strategies, add-on acquisitions identification, and due diligence. He left his job at Iconic Holdings as US Investment Director to rejoin Lincolnshire.

With an MBA from the Graduate Business School of Columbia University, Nicolas Vega Llona will make a great addition to Lincolnshire Management. He used to serve as Director of Business Development and Corporate Finance at a company called Grupo Alese, which focused on investment automotive, agro-export, and constructions industries.

Yashna Ginodia will join Lincolnshire as a new Analyst with a few years of experience on a due diligence team. She used to work for a similar team at Noonmark Capital, another private equity firm based in New York. She holds a degree from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University.

Georg Stolt-Nielsen will also join Lincolnshire as an Analyst and work on the deal execution and due diligence team. He as nearly as much experience as Ginodia and worked for a Norwegian equity firm for a summer. He has a BA in Economics from Georgetown University.

Tj Maloney was elected Chairman and CEO a few years ago, and since, been transforming the company a more modern equity firm. The firm’s always had a hands-on approach, and Tj Maloney used a lot of similar techniques while practicing merger, acquisitions, and securities law in New York before joining Lincolnshire Management in 1993.

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