A Look At The Philanthropy Of Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua

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Bernardo Chua is a businessman who lives in the greater Vancouver, BC, area. He owns Organo Gold, a company he launched in 2008. His company sells healthy beverages such as coffee, tea, and body management drinks. These beverages are enhanced with Ganoderma Lucidum. This is a variety of Asian mushrooms that has been consumed for centuries due to the health benefits it is suspected to contain. He is the chief executive officer.

As he is an expert in network marketing, Bernardo Chua doesn’t sell his company’s products in grocery stores or coffee houses. They are instead sold to independent distributors who then sell these products to their customers. One of the benefits of this business model is that the independent distributors are micro-entrepreneurs who own and profit from their own business.

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Ganoderma Lucidum grows on trees in the tropics. The spores of this mushroom are protected inside a small shell. Organo Gold uses a process they developed that gently cracks these shells open so the spores fall out. The mushrooms they use are grown on plantations in China that have been certified as organic. Once harvested, the mushrooms are processed so that they form a fine powder. This powder is added to the instant coffee, teas, and body management drinks they make.

A philanthropist, Bernardo Chua, set up the Bags for Life initiative at Organo Gold. This initiative is part of his company’s mission to improve people’s lives. This particular initiative is designed to empower women who have been marginalized. It’s also designed to promote sustainable production of goods.

Organo Gold collects used sachets that their customers send to them. Women at a non-profit in Asia craft these into handmade purses. Each of these purses is auctioned whenever Organo Gold holds a regional convention. The proceeds are given to the women who work at the nonprofit.

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