Aaron Lupuloff Explains How The GCPS Foundation Supports Student Learning

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Aaron Lupuloff of Atlanta, Georgia, started working in the financial industry in 1982. He has worked for Fifth Third, Raymond James, and Bear Stearns JP Morgan in senior leadership positions. He attended the University of Alabama where he studied business administration.

In part due to having five children graduate from the Gwinnett School District, Aaron Lupuloff is dedicated to making sure it can successfully educate students. This is a huge school district with more than 180,000 students of very diverse backgrounds. About 20 years ago he was instrumental in establishing the Norcross High School Foundation. This organization supports academics, the athletics department, and the arts.

He is also a leader at the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation. He is the senior executive director and is focused on student achievement. This foundation supports students and teachers in many important ways. It helps students gain leadership abilities. It has a scholarship program it funds. It provides money for multiple innovative programs. He says this organization always provides help where it is most needed, using resources wisely.

He also founded the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. Lupuloff is on the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board. He financially supports nonprofits including the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Camp Twin Lakes, and Partners Against Domestic Violence.

At the GCPS Foundation, he says they have a “whiteboard session” each week. They use this time to brainstorm ideas to best help students and teachers. The organization’s board includes 25 people from the community. They solicit these people’s opinions and insights on a regular basis.

He wants to hear people’s opinions from all walks of life. Aaron Lupuloff says he doesn’t just want to hear from wealthy people who can afford to give money to the GCPS Foundation. When he asks for money from people in the community he explains to them how the money will be spent. An example is paying the fees for taking the ACT and SAT tests for students who can’t afford them. His organization also paid for a robotics competition. To know more about Lupuloff you can visit zoominfo.com


Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.