Achievements of Jason colodne of Colbeck capital management

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The life of Mr. Jason Colodne revolves around a series of accomplishments in his career. He managed to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania where his main interest was in Bachelor of Arts in History. His studies at the university also prepared him for his career in business when he specialized in financial education. The relationship between Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman started a long time ago, even before they founded Colbeck Capital Management in 2009. In 1998, he became part of the team at Goldman Sachs, and that is where he met Mr. Beckman after working for seven years. See Jason Colodne’s  full filmography at

The Goldman enterprises entrusted him with the role of expanding their investments in other industries. His first practice of company growth skills was after college when he secured a position at Bear, Stearn, and Company’s Investment. He started building his profile in this Company when he joined the Financial Buyers Group. The Company required him to determine financial plans that will ensure the growth of the Company. Mr. Colodne also spearheaded field financial obligation in other industries. At Goldman, his skills in portfolio construction and negotiating strategies secured him an upper position of becoming the portfolio Manager, building a portfolio for companies in the knowledge he acquired from working with Bear, Stern, and the Company’s Investment.

Mr. Colodne later joined the UBS Securities, where he worked to see the Company achieve their objectives portfolio investments. Moreover, Patriarch Partners also selected him as the president of their institution. Patriarch Partners gave the position of Presidency to Mr. Colodne due to his experience with distress security companies. The Company handled solutions for companies with distress issues. Combining effort with Mr. Colodne enabled the Company to assist other investors and created more opportunity for the establishment of other businesses.

Mr. Colodne and Mr. Beckman crossed paths again in 2009. They had gathered enough experience in the market and decided to build one of their own, and Colbeck Capital was born. Mr. Cololdne worked as a member of the board in several companies in the previous years. The skills he gained from his superiors in the market enabled him to build a strong foundation for Colbeck Capital Management. The Company is showing steady progress in management and investment strategies. At Colbeck, he is the one in-charge of governing the portfolio construction and monitoring every investment of the Company.

In another life, Mr. Colodne is also a family man. He is currently giving back to society by partaking in organizations that are shaping the youths to become productive entrepreneurs. The Young Professionals Organization (YPO) is teaming with him to give the young entrepreneurs a better foundation. In addition to YPO, he is also an integral part of the committee of the Centurion Foundation and Children’s Tumor Foundation. Jason Colodne is also a film producer, and that is why Colbeck Capital recently loaned the Relativity Media production a sum of 200 million dollars. Some of the movies produced by Mr. Colodne include 3 Days to Kill, Safe Haven and The Family.

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