Alexis Kennedy Shows How Indie Game Development is Done

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Scary games sell. Someone who develops a “spooky” game has to be a fan of all-things-creepy. A combined passion for the genre and storytelling can lead to creating a brilliant, scary game that strikes a nerve with players. Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator reveals a game that provides perfect late-night horror-themed adventures. Alexis Kennedy delivered the game to the market thanks to assistance from a partner and contributors to a Kickstarter campaign. He’s not an employee of a top gaming company. Kennedy ekes out his place in the independent gaming world. Things aren’t always easy when self-employed in a not-so-dynamic industry. Indie gaming developers must meet scores of challenges. Alexis Kennedy overcame some significant obstacles to make his mark in the industry. Weather Factory represents his achievements, and the company has its fans.

Writing and developing games means working double-duty in two diverse areas. Since he runs the show at Weather Factory, Kennedy also takes on managing duties. He doesn’t work alone, as he and his partner rely on a team. Coordinating the team becomes somewhat of a challenge because everyone works remotely. Kennedy isn’t one to run from a problem.

Another challenge exists in the area of promotions. A small indie label doesn’t receive the free publicity gaming publications and websites give to the big players. An indie also lacks the massive budget necessary to perform blitz marketing. A lot of hard work must go into getting customers’ attention. Experience, however, can teach someone about what to do.

Cultist Simulator’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, one that greatly exceeded the original target goal, shows Alexis Kennedy can capture attention with the right product. Hopefully, a follow-up occult game will do just as well.

Alexis Kennedy didn’t initially intend to become an independent gaming developer. He found himself becoming one while on a sabbatical from his software consultant job. Occultist Simulator fans are happy he made the career change.