All About OSI Group McDonalds Acquiring Rose Packing

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

OSI Group McDonalds has confirmed that it recently acquired Rose Packing Inc. Rose Packing is a pork company that is located in Barrington. It mainly deals with the production of pork products when targeting both the food retail industries and services. Rose Packing was started in 1924. It has its production facility located in Chicago. Ever since it was established, Rose Packing has amiably grown. The company growth manifests itself through various aspects such as the large number of its employees. For instance, the company has more than 700 employees, which illustrates that it has expanded its production activities. Rose Packing produces a variety of pork related products. Its main products are Canadian bacon, ethnic sausages, hams and Guinness beer brats. In fact the company also produces pizza.

OSI Group McDonalds hopes that its acquisition action on Rose Packing will foster the provision of quality pork related products to their consumers. Confirming this, Kevin Scott who is a senior vice president of OSI Company in North America enlightens that the acquisition of Rose Packing will complement OSI company existing business. Also, the acquisition will provide new additional capacity; processing capabilities and strong sales to OSI company .These will directly support OSI Group in its growth strategy.  In spite of this acquisition, OSI Company will retain some of Rose Packing personnel’s. For instance, it’s their confirmation, OSI Company said that Dwight Stiehl will remain in the company. Dwight was the Rose Packing chief executive officer before its acquisition by OSI Company.

Also, the Rose Packing management team will also remain. Both Dwight and the Rose Packing team will work with OSI company leadership team especially on post-transaction integration. Briefly, the acquisition of Rose Packing has been warmly welcomed by both the involved companies and their personnel. For instance, Scott confirms that their company is happy to have Rose Packing agreeing their call to join them. On the other side, Dwight from Rose Packing affirms that the acquisition is a great gift to both companies for they will share a strong business relationship. Although both companies praise the acquisition action, none has revealed this transaction financial terms.