Andrey Andreev: Billionaire and Matchmaker

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Andrey Andreev is a Russian entrepreneur with a current net worth of 2.4 billion dollars. He has made his own fortune as a self-made billionaire and his first taste of success was in 1999. In this year, he created SpyLog, which was basically a way for early webmasters and website owners to track the amount of visitors to their sites. While this sounds unimpressive now, in 1999 it was an incredibly big deal (Opwnews).


In 2004, Andreev founded Mamba, although it was later renamed to Wamba, which was an online dating site. Originally, it was confined only to Russia, but now it has users in 15 different countries, totalling over 31 million registered users. In 2006, Andreev started Badoo, which is currently the world’s largest dating site – bigger than Tinder! Badoo has over 377 million registered users and the site can operate in 47 languages across a whopping 190 countries!


Due to his continued development of dating websites, Andrey is often called Matchmaker Billionaire, Cupid Billionaire, or some version of that kind of nickname.  In theme with this, this businessman contributed 10 million dollars to the dating and friendship app, Bumble, in 2014. This is an American dating app, but still on brand with Andrey Andreev‘s business interests thus far. In addition, this contribution provides him a 79% stake in the overall company – which could prove to be profitable.


Andrey Andreev moved to London quite quickly after his career began developing and he is legally a citizen of the U.K. as well as Russia. In London, wildly enough, he sometimes gets invited to cook with Olivier Limousin, who is the head chef at a restaurant called L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. This isn’t just any restaurant, however, as it has two Michelin stars.


In the past year, Andrey Andreev’s net worth has grown from 1.5 billion dollars, to 2.3 billion dollars – a total increase of 800 million dollars. Obviously, his focus on dating apps and technology has done well for him, and he will most likely continue to do well in the future as the Billionaire Matchmaker.


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