Apple Is A Company In Trouble: Paul Mampilly Has Looked Into It

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

If you were told that Apple may be about to go down and will need to be sold, your reaction would probably be to consider that as fear mongering or write it off as potentially coming from a competitor like Microsoft who might have something to gain. But the truth is the company does have some real problems, and investor newsletter writer Paul Mampilly noted it when he mentioned their stocks were starting to move down. It seems crazy that a tech giant that has really been important in computer technology would head towards trouble but there are a few reasons why. One problem Paul Mampilly mentioned is that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO who succeeded the late Steve Jobs is simply not as much of an innovator as his former boss. Very little in apple’s operating systems and products has changed over the years except for little features here and there to try and make them easier to use.

Second, the smartphone market hasn’t been too strong as of late, and as Apple continues making their main target area the iPhones, sales haven’t improved but product prices keep climbing. And topping all that off is that Apple has tried to make it difficult for customers to switch to new systems with how they’ve rolled out their product suites, but it hasn’t really stopped them. Even though Warren Buffet isn’t planning on dumping his large stock holdings in Apple, Mampilly warns investors its stock is still headed for correction territory. Paul Mampilly has gotten it right before and is trusted in how he researches stocks. He came to the US in the 1980s as an immigrant college student from India, and then spent over 10 years in banking. His biggest job came when he was selected to be the manager of Kinetics International Fund, a $6 billion hedge fund.

Mampilly brought in high returns for the assets of some of big name institutional investors, and at the same time he had made a name predicting what would happen in the recessions of both 2000 and 2008. He also bought stocks when they were cheap in Netflix, OLED Universal, CEMEX, Facebook and Sarepta Therapeutics and made huge dividends off of them. Paul eventually decided working all day in a big office away from his family often and only helping wealthy investors wasn’t what he wanted. So he started working from home writing newsletters directed at unaccredited investors, and sharing how they could potentially turn a few thousand dollars into hundreds of thousands. He got attention when readers started seeing big returns in their portfolios reading his investment advice in “Profits Unlimited.” Today there are hundreds of thousands of readers following Mampilly at the publication website .