Ara Chackerian Advises On How to Make the Best Use of the Wilderness to Benefit Humanity

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He is an expert in the health field of medicine. He has supported many startup companies in the area of medical research. He has also been instrumental in forest conservation. Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist with a close connection to nature. He has invested in growth companies that specialize in the field of healthcare and medicine, even as he advocates for forest conservation. He believes in making the maximum use of natural resources to support humanity today and tomorrow. In a recent interview, Chackerian observes that there is an urgent need to preserve the wilderness in a way that sustains the current generation and those who come after us. He advocates for the responsible harnessing of forest resources as a way of promoting conservation and maintaining ecological diversity.



Ara Chackerian on the Wilderness and the subject of Conservation



Ara Chackerian points out that it is important for all humanity to be involved in conservation. He says that conservation is no longer a pedestrian subject. It requires focused strategies that seek to restore a balance in the ecosystem. Chackerian is a staunch believer in responsible and pragmatic conservation where he points out that conservation should never be just for the sake of it. He advocates for the responsible harvesting of wilderness resources to maintain a stable ecosystem. He says that trees can be harvested in a way that ensures that there is no overcrowding or deforestation. In any case, Ara Chackerian observes, the wilderness is meant to sustain life; both human and flora. Therefore, conservation for the sake of conservation is a fallacy that will not improve the state of the wilderness. He says that the wilderness is wild and expansive. It is a place where humanity and wildlife derive their existence. He mentions that apart from the direct benefits of harvesting trees and even commercial aspects such as tourism, the wilderness is a center of interest in many respects. He points out that the wilderness, a term he uses interchangeably with forests, is a place that promotes athletic activities. It is also used for recreational purposes and near-religious purposes including reflection and the sheer satisfaction of the urge for serenity. You can visit to see more.




Conservation Must Be Concerted



Ara Chackerian has been advising authorities and the general public on the best way to conserve forests and the wilderness in general. He recommends that it is important to involve communities in conservation programs. Ara Chackerian demonstrates the sensitivity of conservation and emphasizes that the efforts must be seen and indeed aimed at benefiting the surrounding communities. Visit their twitter account.