Ara Chackerian Leads TMS Health Solutions

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Ara Chackerian is prominent for being a serial angel entrepreneur, investor, and contributor to stock markets. Prominently known as the owner of ASC Capital Holdings, Mr. Chackerian is keen on investing in growing health-care partners. Chackerian is perhaps best described as the man behind the foundation of TMS Health Solutions, a leading healthcare firm that specializes in the treatment of patients with severe depression. Coupled with magnetic stimulations, TMS Health Solutions provides perfect treatment for depressed patients.


Before joining TMS Health Solutions, Mr. Ara Chackerian was a serial investor as well as an entrepreneur. Fundamentally, he concentrated on the development of healthcare technology and the procurement of services surrounding healthcare. Following his commitment to the mentioned fields, Ara Chackerian landed senior positions in health-care technology companies. Some of the companies include PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics in addition to Embion.


As a service provider who commits to offering people some of the best services in his field, Ara Chackerian landed additional positions in different companies. For example, at Mint Medical Education, he is a board member. Aside from that, he serves at PipelineRX and plays a pivotal role at Limonapa, a company located in South Africa. From the look of his career history, Ara Chackerian is a dedicated individual who puts in tremendous effort in establishing strong working relations.

Mr. Chackerian loves people. Consequently, he works at various non-governmental institutions including Teak Plantation in Nicaragua, JUMA Ventures, and Nor Luyce. What is more, the youths are the beneficiaries of the proceeds collected from the mentioned projects. Check out limonapateak


Mr. Chackerian is a perfect definition of what it entails to give back to the society. That is evident in his commitment to establishing societal projects with the purpose of improving their lives. To reiterate his commitment to giving back to the community, Ara Chackerian has extended his arms of service to Armenians and Americans. That is not all as he plans to serve other people in additional geographical locations.

Additional Information

Ara Chackerian’s role at TMS Health Solutions involves the management of research, education, and treatment among patients who suffer depression. Being the leader that he is, Mr. Chackerian commits to streamlining the company’s management.

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