Ara Chackerian’s Passion for Improving the World

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Ara Chackerian has more than twenty years of experience working in the fields of healthcare and business. Ara, who was born in San Fransisco, was able to build a stellar resume that exhibits his capacity in building a business from the ground up and leading this businessin to greater heights. This hardworking man spent majority of his time dabbling in the world of business, investing in startups that allied with his values, and giving to various advocacies as a philanthropist.

Healthcare was the primary focus of Ara Chackerian in his companies. He is a visionary and innovator, who is always on a quest to improve the world and the quality of lives of the people living in it. He credits his education for expanding his horizons and giving him the tools to work with in growing his endeavors. He has a marketing degree from the Florida State University. He did not wait long after graduation to dabble into entrepreneurship.

He went on to establish well known companies like Pipline Rx which provided telephone pharmacy solutions nationwide, BMC Diagnostics which provides imaging services for the discovery of diseases, and Embion/Provider Links which is a technology distribution company with a focus on healthcare. His current most well-received company is the TMS Health Solutions. This is a treatment facility that offered transcranial magnetic stimulation for people who are plagued with depression that is already resistant to conventional forms of treatment.

To this day, TMS is one of Ara Chackerian’s greatest accomplishments because he is a strong advocate of mental health awareness. In one of his recent blog posts, he made a compelling piece of how anxiety, depression, and suicide are sweeping the nation at an alarming rate. He urged everyone to do their part in removing the stigma of these mental health issues by constantly talking about it and offering support. His work in TMS Health Solutions gives him the fulfillment in seeing that psychiatric care is finally being elevated. He noted that it is the most often neglected division in a hospital.

Apart from his business ventures, Ara Chackerian is committed to giving back to the community because he is a firm believer in paying things forward. He has supported and worked with many organizations with a focus on educating younger children. He is also a strong advocate for the environment, with investments in green projects around the world.