Igor Cornelsen Insightful Investment Strategies

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Personal Life

Igor Cornelsen is popularly known in Brazil as an investment advisor in the finance field. His popularity has been put on edge for his strategic investment methods. He began his career at an investment bank in 1970 after pursuing engineering in Parana at Federal University. After working in various institutions he gained a lot of experience that enabled him to establish his own company in 1995 where he is the investment manager. While studying engineering he also pursued economics in the same university, which helped him gain knowledge in the field that has seen him successful. Igor Cornelsen has a proven track record in the investment sector including his promotion in 1974 to join the Multibanco’s board of directors.


He is a global leader in the investment sector and also provides meaningful insight on stocks. He believes the stock market requires a strategic plan especially when the economy is unstable. He also provides advice on various techniques on how one can take advantage of damaged stocks on avoiding damaged companies to maximize profits. Igor Cornelsen is also a Bainbridge Inv Inc. proprietor apart from being an investment adviser by offering investment guidance to clients and on acquiring the results in return obtains specific fees from clients.

Business Strategies

He encourages people to mostly invest in their youth and one can invest in bonds, stocks and business. Igor Cornelsen takes advantage of emerging trends in the marketplace before anyone can. Reason being that its economy is different from that in Europe or USA. He offers strategic advice on keeping an eye on exchange rates as well as forex trading rates are different and determines one’s profits or losses. His ideas are obtained from his previous experiences and exposure to finance at a tender age.