Article Title: Susan McGalla: The Notable Businesswoman And Private Consultant To Big Names

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Susan McGalla is someone who has led an impressive career as a businesswoman and is someone who is extremely well regarded in the field that she works in. In the past, McGalla has stood in a prominent position for a variety of companies including American Eagle Outfitters, Wet Seal and many more. She is also someone who has contributed to the Magee Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and has worked with several organizations, facilitating their development.

McGalla has an impressive educational background which has helped her advance in her career. She holds a degree from Mount Union College, and now serves as a member of the board here.

McGalla has had an impressive career through the years, stemming her position in a rather challenging industry. As someone who believed in hard work, McGalla tried hard to rise up the ranks and reach prominent positions within the industries that she was working in. One of the first companies that McGalla started to work with was Joseph Horn company. This was a notable name within the field and was entrusted to help the company with many of their managerial ventures. After working in this company for several years, McGalla decided that it was finally time to make an additional move and try out a new professional venture.

The next course of action that McGalla decided to take on was to work at American Eagle Outfitters. This was a company that proved to be incredibly beneficial for McGalla since it helped her steer the direction in which she was headed. At the company, she was put in charge of the merchandising department and served in several important roles within the company. Soon, McGalla rose up the ranks to become one of the more prominent people at American Eagle Outfitters. As someone who had worked with various facets of the brand, she knew exactly the parts which needed development, and the routes she needed to take to help them reach a prominent position within this industry.

After working with the company for several years, McGalla took a leap of faith and decided to work as a private consultant. This was something that helped her achieve a notable reputation for the work that she does, especially considering that it was something that she had been familiar with for an extended period of time. As a private consultant, she worked with several notable names, offering them sound business and managerial advice that could help them reach their corporate goals.

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