Ashley Lightspeed and Improvement

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An expert knows that one must focus on the locus of control. When one is focused on what matters and they can control they are able to proceed and progress. If an expert such as Ashley Lightspeed thinks too much about the macroeconomic conditions they might not move the needle.

As such, Ashley Lightspeed and others focus on systems, metrics, people and goals.

As they focus and improve they see that they progress. It is in this progression, in this goal seeking behavior where one can thrive in any environment. But having this sort of mentality can catapult individuals to new heights.

That is why those who are happy and healthy expect to work around other vibrant people. It is this vibrancy that adds color and more depth to life.

As a venture capitalist, Ashley has many goals to accomplish with her pool of talent. She must make certain that her projects are up to date and up to speed in all times. See Related Article at Forbes

Focus on Improving Productivity

No matter the kind of business you run, it is essential that you focus on your productivity.

Maximizing revenues while controlling expenses is always important for a business. But it is all the more important when you are treading the path to a possible period of recession, where it could be more difficult than ever to maintain an optimal level of productivity.

In order to make sure that your business is being as prolific as possible, you would need to lay down a few compliance guidelines as well as other best practices.

By making sure that your employees are adhering to a certain standard, producing quality work, and minimizing mistakes, you would be able to ensure that you inflict minimal losses during your work This would be more than helpful in case the economy decides to turn on you as well as everybody you know. Learn More: