Bernardo Chua Takes Beverages Market To Another Level

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Bernardo Chua is a familiar figure in directs sales because of his significant contribution to the beverage market. Besides his admirable effort in promoting coffees, teas, and other products, Chua has won a reputation by introducing Ganoderma globally. The product is a medicinal herb that is very popular in China and in Asian countries. Organo Gold and Gano Excel are the companies which Bernardo utilizes in promoting the product across the North American market.

Although Bernardo Chua is a Chinese national, he spent the better part of his life in the Philippines. Chua took the excellent opportunity to start the marketing of Ganoderma in the region as he was well conversant to the herb. His expertise in blending the teas and coffees with Ganoderma played a vital role in boosting his business. Additionally, his unique direct sales marketing style helped his business grow quicker than that of his competitors. He admits that his style of marketing resonates well with the teas and coffees business. See more on twitter for more information.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua continues to market Ganoderma lucidum since 2008 when he founded the company. It took him five years to raise the company into global recognition emerging as the 55th largest company globally in the direct sales category. The success of the company results from Chua’s passion for educating the world on the benefits of the medicinal herb. The Canadian based company has more than one million distributors globally. The number of distributors continues to rise through the multilevel marketing strategy embraced by the company.

Concisely, Bernardo is one of the award-winning direct sales executives having won five Direct Sales Awards. The Dangal ng Bayan is the recent award that Chua won in 2014 for his effort in business and industry. The Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice organizers hosted the occasion. Chua, also bagged the National Consumers Quality Award in the same year.

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