Bestselling Kushy Punch Edibles Expand to Arizona and Nevada

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Kushy Punch is an award-winning cannabis edible brand located in Southern California. Founded by CEO Ruben Cross in 2014, the company now boasts the top-selling gummy in the state. Cross originally came from the online marketing world, and sold a mini-website empire to a German media company in 2012. While volunteering at a dispensary, he noticed that patients had very few options for edibles. Kushy Punch was born out of this recognition for a health-conscious, diverse edible line. Kushy Punch’s products are widely loved by both recreational and medical patients who praise them for their quality and potency. Kushy Punch also launched a line of CBD products at the end of 2018, which ultimately won the “Best CBD” award at WeedCon 2018.

This new line includes a 500mg disposable CBD vape, a 1000mg CBD vape cartridge, and a 30ml tincture, among others. These joined Kushy Punch’s already renowned gummies and gel capsules to round out their overall product line. Kushy Punch’s flagship product is their classic organic, non-GMO full spectrum fruity gummy that comes in several different varieties. The most popular is the Sativa, a 100mg strawberry-flavored chewy candy. Others include the 95%+ pure THC Private Reserve, meant to be reminiscent of their now-gone 200mg gummy the TKO, and the smaller dose offerings like the 60mg Recover. Kushy Punch pride themselves on consistently high quality standards and consumer-minded focus on aspects of taste and general enjoyment.

Cross also believes in the responsibilities of cannabis companies to contribute to their communities, and has given back by donating over 2000 lbs to a food bank, financially contributing to Wildlife Waystation, and growing their own forest. This September, Ruben Cross announced that he would be expanding Kushy Punch’s operations into Nevada and Arizona, and would be present in those marketplaces in Fall 2019. Having just recently branched out to Michigan, Cross says the reception there has been wildly successful. They sold out of their original production run in less than four hours of opening. In establishing Kushy Punch in Nevada, the company hopes to target the millions of visitors that travel to Las Vegas every year. Cross hopes that this is the company’s first step to joining the international market in the future.