Betsy DeVos and Modern Serenity

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Betsy DeVos has never been someone to judge others. She thinks that doing so is totally unfair. She prefers to better the people who are around her. She even prefers to better the people who are nowhere near her. Traveling isn’t something that’s a remote concept to this All-American lady. What makes people gravitate to this Secretary of Education? They gravitate to her for a wealth of big reasons. She’s someone who constantly has big ideas. Her husband has ideas that are just as big. Betsy and Dick or “Richard” DeVos are an amazing match. They’ve been an amazing match for years at this point as well. Their adult kids can attest to that any day of the week.


There are so many individuals who talk about the things they want for the United States. DeVos isn’t among their ranks. She’s a person who likes to take tangible action no matter what. She takes action in so many different ways. She takes action by setting up not-for-profit groups that zero in on charity, family, artwork and beyond. She does so by making appearances at schools around the nation. She even collaborates with many famous faces. People may not assume that she’s friends with Rapper Pitbull. She is, however. Their age difference is no an issue. They’re tied together by their adoration of the charter school movement. They were both speakers at a Miami, Florida charter school discussion back in 2018.


President Donald J. Trump is someone who has many things to do on a daily basis. He still takes the time to speak with DeVos, however. He adores the fact that she’s part of his administration. He can’t picture an administration that doesn’t involve her in some sense, either. He likes to see her thrive as the Secretary of Education in the United States. She’s been shining in the role since she first got it. Her passion for it only becomes more intense as time goes on. It’s similar to her passion for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


DeVos and President Trump aren’t always on the same exact page. That’s never an issue for them, though. They’re two individuals who grasp the value they bring to the table. President Trump knows that DeVos would never disrespect him. She knows that he would never ever even think about disrespecting her. That’s the reason that they have a work interaction that’s a suitable fit for the record books. Betsy DeVos is a lady who never ever even considers arguing with the people who are in her life. She likes to be a person who thinks about attaining harmony. Serenity has always been a big thing in her existence. She relishes it.


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