Betsy Devos Passion For Education Led To A Government Job And Non-Profit Organization

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Michigan-based politician and philanthropist Betsy Devos charges through her career with a sense of passion and dedication that few can hold. She was born and was raised in Holland, Michigan, where her childhood consisted of ambition to boot. Betsy grew up with three siblings, who all ended up becoming very successful. When Devos was a teenager, she attended Holland Christian High School. She was a very bright student and did very well for herself. In college, Betsy got a taste of the political climate. This passion grew rapidly, and she decided to pursue a career in it. The young professional earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics at Calvin College. The Grand Rapids college is a private Christian liberal arts university in Michigan.


In 1979, Betsy DeVos married the love of her life, Dick Devos. The two met bonded over the passion for politics. Over the many decades they have been together, the two have accomplished quite a lot. Another thing that the married couple have bonded over is their love of philanthropy. In fact, they donated over $11.6 million dollars in charitable contributions in 2015 alone. Dick Devos is the son of the founder of Amway. He later took on the family business and became chief executive officer.


Betsy Devos is the chairman of Windquest Group. She co-founded the company with her husband in 1988. The Michigan-based business is a privately held, mutli-company operating group. The very successful company invests in a number of industries including clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. The successful businesswoman is still heavily involved in politics. She is the current United States Secretary of Education. Betsy took the position in 2017, becoming the 11th person to assume the job. Devos is very passionate about the educational system. She has worked to change the system for decades. It all started when her own children were in elementary school.


The United States Secretary of Education saw how much other parents struggled to create a safe and studious educational environment for their children. That is when she started to get involved, changing the lives of countless children over the last several decades. This passion only grew for the Michigan politician and her husband. In 1989, the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation was created. The faith-based non-profit organization specializes in a number of initiatives including education, leadership, community, justice, and arts. In addition to having their family foundation, Betsy is involved with organizations such as the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and many more.


The fearless politician has moved mountains when it comes to education. She is all about supporting choice when it comes families educational choices. She supports charter schools, homeschooling, magnet schools, and many more alternative forms of education. Her husband, Dick Devos, even founded a aviation charter school in Michigan. West Michigan Aviation Academy opened its doors in 2010 to students from all over the world. Years later, the academy brings in hundreds of new students each year.


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