Betterworks and The Meaning of Culture

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

One concept that is easy to misunderstand and put aside is that of the company culture.


Well, we think that revenues are the most important and that will be the driver of the business. Now, while revenues are important to serve a major purpose as being able to drive the firm forward, the culture, the overall purpose is what helps to create a context that will help to bring in more clients, quality people, and those that will go the extra mile to get compelling work done.

Betterworks sees that values, beliefs, customs, ways of speaking, mannerisms, interactions and more are present in cultures. These are all of the components that help to define how one culture is. Culture manifests itself in how a manager interacts with a subordinate, culture manifests itself in a way that even is present in titles (how a manager sees someone with a different title).

Betterworks culture would measure the return on investment in the type of people that are hired and how they perform, in the overall quality of life and strength in the company. Culture can bring about a sense of presence, it can bring about community and it can bring about support. A proper culture would account for all of the elements within the life of an individual.

Betterworks has seen significant value in measuring and optimizing for culture in businesses. See, culture is not something that is simply said, it is something that is part of the very essence of the company.

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