Betterworks OKR Program Success- What The Four Best Practices Managers Can Use Today

Published / by TheRugbyUnion


Betterworks is a company that specializes in continuous performance management systems on a mission to better change the communication landscape between the employee and their managers.

The program that Betterworks pride themselves on in the continuous performance management systems field is something called Objectives and Key Results (OKR). Through OKR, companies are able to pull off the execution of new methods that involve setting communication goals and objectives.

For employers who may be new to the OKR landscape or may need a refresher course, Betterworks has some of the four best practices that managers can begin using today.


With managers being an integral part of the workplace morale and helping employees to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lay, the first tip is to realize it’s important for managers to let their team know what the priorities of the employer are.

The OKR setting process is a tool that can track company long term goals of a company and can better establish a plan of execution in terms of setting aligned objectives. The second tip in utilizing this tool is to then monitor the progress through weekly reviews, sorting lists, and enabling notifications.

Finally, the last two steps is to always check in and then follow that up with constructive criticism, appropriate feedback, and recognition. Finding the balance between asking questions and giving directions is key to hood communication and can act as the final ingredient to making your OKR system successful.

These are the tips that have made Betterworks a top player in the continuous performance management systems field.