BetterWorks – Series B Funding

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Betterworks, the business solutions-oriented firm who specializes in helping firms implement a performance process to increase sales and productivity, has announced another lump sum of investments. Bettworks identifies key correlations between long term goals and short term or daily activities while providing insight and data backed information to help implement and maintain a well ran firm with an encouraged and motivated workforce.

Having raised more than $65 million after the Series B Funding round, which accounted for an additional $27 million in investments, Betterworks is well on its way to positive expansion and growth in the business sector. This latest round of investments was led by two of the firms most prominent investors, Emergence Capital, and Kleiner Perkins.

Betterworks has already experienced tremendous accomplishments.

The firm experienced growth and added 20 languages as part of their localization process, to ensure all needs are met by the region in which it is operating. Betterworks’s user-friendly and innovative platform encourages interaction among its user and has reported the average interaction with the solutions about four times a month. The Betterworks firm has accomplished many things during its short time, one of which is the launching of MOTIVATE. MOTIVATE is a series that showcases various events; many firms find it beneficial to help in their ability to create an environment optimal for their workforce.

With the announcement of this additional funding, Betterworks has secured a position in the industry as one the most innovative and successful business consulting firms today, taken a different approach and innovate ways to work HR to create an environment optimal for growth.

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