Boraie Builds The Shaq Towers

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Boraie Development is a company that hold expertise in the real estate sector of the industry. It provides services to its clients that focus in the urban sector of the real estate market. The company if formally based in the city of New Jersey. They also provide solution for accurate investment in the properties and property management and real estate marketing. They basically operate in the New Brunswick area.



Boraie Development has recently merges with former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. Their collaboration is for a new housing project located in Newark. This project is claimed to be the first High profile housing project that is expected to have a total of 169 rental units, a huge rental space od about 20000 square feet and is further said to have 21 stories. The high-rise project is to be built along the side of the river in downtown Newark. Initially the project was christened to be called One rector Street as it is going to be situated at 37-39 Rector Street in Newark but later was given he name of Shaq Towers. For more details visit Crunchbase.



It is the most recent and new project that Boraie Development has taken in hand and is putting in all its efforts to turn it into the success that both Boraie and Neal desires. Waseem Boraie seemed to be extremely happy with the project announcements as it had brought together the public and private entities together for performing one great task. This building is supposedly the first high-rise building ever built in the heart of Newark in the last 50 years. This project is expected to provide employment to a huge number of people and be very beneficial for minorities, veterans, and women and for those who wants to develop a career in the construction industry. NBA start Neal was overjoyed for being able to come up with the project along with Boraie Development and work hand in hand for the development of the urban sector. Check out




Upon completion of the magnificent skyscraper the Newark area will have the most exquisite look. A ceremony was held for the announcement of the Shaq towers by Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal. Governor Murphy and the Deputy Mayor were also present in the ceremony along with many other influential people of the real estate industry both from public and private sectors. The Skyscraper worth $79 million is expected to be complete and functioning by the end of the year.


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