Brian Torchin Solves Staffing Challenges

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Brian Torchin is a professional in the medical field with experience in handling of patients in the friendliest manner. Brian has a solid background in chiropractic studies and has served patients utilizing a patient-centered approach in his chiropractic practice. He is well known for the establishment of healthcare recruitment counselors (HCRC)- a staffing company. The company has served organizations in many countries around the world among them Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. The company specializes as a recruitment agency in finding suitable candidates to fill positions in the medical field and law firms. The company is known for delivering the right candidates to organizations within three working days from the time of request by their clients. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Brian has also concentrated on opening medical offices in areas such as Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania to enable his clients to get specialized care and treatment. His passion is to deliver services to clients and solve medical challenges in a professional manner. Brian’s success has spread to many parts of the world, and several international media companies have featured his success story touching on his staffing company such as the CNN. The staffing company’s website provides vital information touching on health matters in workplace set up and criteria for organizations to fill a vacant position with outstanding candidates. It also contains a section for candidates to describe their work experience and qualifications for consideration.

Individuals and organizations that require contact information can easily access HCRC staffing company through its various social media platforms –Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. These social media platforms are regularly updated with current information touching on the available vacant positions and current trends in the medical field. Brian Torchin is also an active member on social media and anybody can reach him through his fan pages. Patients that have undergone treatment in his medical facilities recommend others to experience the professionalism undertaken by Brian and his staff.

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