Building Global Gold Depositories: Sign of High Demand for Real Wealth

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What does Fort Knox have stored in its depository, guarded by soldiers, around-the-clock? Paper Mâché bills, plastic credit cards or gold? Did you read about Texas and Hong Kong building their own gold depositories? Maybe, gold is a wise investment, since people are willing to build buildings, specifically for its storage.


“Lone Star State Gold”


Where is most of the gold in the world stored? Some might argue that it is in Switzerland. Others might remember the James Bond Goldfinger movie and say “Fort Knox.” Perhaps, the real answer might be the Manhattan, New York Federal Reserve?


First, Venezuela then Germany requested repatriation of their gold. In 2015, even the Texans asked for repatriation of their 5,600 solid gold bars from the Manhattan Fed. The Texas governor argued that he wanted to “keep them safe.”


Since 2013, the State of Texas has been contemplating building its own gold depository for storage. The Texas gold depository would parallel the state’s movement towards possible secession.


“Hong Kong Gold”


Is something wrong with Fort Knox? During World War II, many wealthy people moved their gold bars to Fort Knox for safe storage. This created the “gold window” which Nixon, eventually closed in the 1970s.


Even Hong Kong is building a gold depository. With its 2016 opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, China is also discussing building a gold vault in its Qianhai free trade zone. The Chinese plan to give people physical delivery of gold.


“US Money Reserve Gold”


“Watch what the wealthy are doing and follow their lead to make money.” It is not just one state or nation, several entities are ensuring that they have gold in their safe-keeping, so why don’t you?


If you want to own a gold bar, then US Money Reserve is a great source. You can talk to their precious metals experts about all of your options. Some gold purchases are like an art masterpiece, others are like buying a high-grade jewel.


“Build it and they will come” seems to be a theme in the gold vault community. This mentality shows that demand is high for precious metals. You might want to get yours, before it is too late.


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