Career Highlights of Fortress Investment Group Chairman Wes Edens

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Wes Edens has been one of the most successful professionals and entrepreneurs in the financial sector. He is currently the chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the firm’s co founder. During his long career, Wes has worked in the field of finance in a number of different roles. Edens has served as an executive of a couple of the top successful firms in the financial sector. He has also been a member of a savings and loan institution for a few years as well. While Wes has been actively involved in the financial sector for over two decades, he has also owned a couple of professional sports teams.

During the 1980’s Wes Edens attended college at Oregon State University. When he attended the university, he majored in both finance and business administration. As a student, Wes would complete these two programs and graduate with a degree in both fields. Once he finished college, he went on to begin his career in the financial services industry. His first job in the financial sector was as a member of California Savings & Loan. He spent the first couple of years of his career at this organization. This gave him plenty of valuable experience to help him further advance his successful career. After a brief stint for a couple of years at California Savings & Loan, Edens went on to join Smith Barney.

As a member of Smith Barney, Wes Edens began to get more experience in the field. He would regularly interact with clients as well as learn more about analyzing finances. Edens also gained some experience in venture capital and private equity. His vast knowledge and experience would allow him to pursue more opportunities at Lehman Brothers in 1987. Wes Edens worked at Lehman Brothers for six years. While he was employed at this firm, he was both a managing director and a partner. Edens eventually joined a financial startup called BlackRock Financial Management in 1993 and would work at this firm until 1998. That year, he co founded Fortress Investment Group. During the next couple of decades, he helped establish one of the world’s leading asset managers.