Career Profile of Peter Briger

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Peter Briger is a well known executive in the financial world. Briger has worked in the industry for over two decades. While he has worked in the industry, he was a member of two highly successful organizations. When he worked at firms such as Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group, Peter held a number of important roles. His experience has allowed him to advance to high level positions which allowed him to make a positive impact on the firms that he has been a part of. Along with making an impact in the financial sector, Peter is also active in helping members of his local community. After he finished business school, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs. He spent over a decade at the firm in which he served as a partner as well as a high ranking manager.

While he was employed at Goldman Sachs, Briger managed both the credit asset division as well as an Asian committee. His involvement with the credit asset division and the Asian committee allowed him to help the firm expand as well as provide better service to its clients. After serving as a partner during his final six years at the firm, Peter decided to join another firm. During the first couple of years in the 2000’s, Peter Briger looked for new opportunities in the financial services industry. Briger accepted employment at Fortress Investment Group. As soon as he became a member of the firm, Peter began managing divisions that oversaw credit backed assets.

Along with managing these divisions, Peter had an active role on the management team as he became a member of the firm’s management committee. Over the next several years, Peter would attain more high ranking positions at the firm. Today, he is a principal as well as a co chief executive officer who works out of the firm’s San Francisco office. Peter Briger got his start early in the financial sector. As a student at Princeton University, he spent his years as a member of its investment club. Briger attended two of the top universities in the country which included the Ivy League universities Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a board member of two charitable organizations. Read More.