Carsten Thiel, An Example of Humble Success

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

“Humans apparently develop new neurons up to their 9th decade in the brain. Patients suffering from AD show a sharp drop in neurogenesis in the hippocampus. This could be relevant for the development of new AD treatments.”

With this new knowledge, many patients may be able to see treatments in the future for something that has been affecting families for years.

However, the life story of Carsten Thiel is about more than just a man who studied at prestigious schools and went on to become the face of innovation in the realm of pharmaceuticals. Thiel credits his past and present success with understanding human need and decency.

In the mornings, Thiel eats breakfast with his family. Enjoying a meal and some connectedness with loved ones is an important formula for success. The second most important takeaway is empathy and understanding. For instance, there was a weight loss product he could have given the green light to market yet he thought about those consumers who’d actually want to change their lifestyle versus those who just want a product that “does everything”.

In the pharmaceutical industry as in any industry, one must “boldly trust in their gut” and this is a sure sign of leadership for when asked the question of any past failures, Thiel is honest that by sticking to his solid ethics, he was able to adhere to the product goals set forth.

Born in Berlin, Germany, attending prominent schools and advancing from a position as Communications and Product Manager with Hoffman la-Roche to current President of EUSA Pharma, Carsten Thiel is a remarkable example of how genuine empathy plus high caliber academics can make a difference.

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