Carsten Thiel: The Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Expert

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Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany. He went Malbrook where he studied chemistry. Since he wanted to quench his thirst in the Anglo-Saxon system of education, he left his home country and went to study at the University of Bristol, based in the United Kingdom. He studied organic chemistry and later earned his degree in Bachelor of Science. After his undergraduate course, he decided to specialize in Biochemistry. After that, Carsten attended the Institute of Biophysical Chemistry of Max Planck. Here, he received his Ph.D. in molecular biology. His studies were mainly focused on an intriguing topic of how a protein is involved in transitioning healthy body cells into cancerous cells.

After school, Carsten Thiel started working with one of the leading biotechnology firms, Hoffman La-Roche as the Communications and Product Manager. He then parlayed interpersonal skills as well as his education to elevate his career. He earned a good reputation within the organization, and he got a new responsibility in the scientific marketing & market assessment department. Through his leadership skills, professional experience and expertise, Carsten Thiel successfully launched several high-profile products, including Strensiq, Prolia, Neulasta, and Vectibix.

This biochemist has also spearheaded the market launch of various medical breakthrough therapies. His direct involvement in the realm of Biotechnology has positively impacted the lives of many patients. Mr. Carsten highly adheres to medical ethics and protocols before making any decisions. As a result, there is more cohesive patient care and provider-patient relationship.

When asked what marketing strategy used to market Xenical, a weight loss product, Carsten said that he targeted a certain group of customers and got in business relationships with the right stakeholders. In addition to that, he educated the customers, providers, and all parties involved before accepting this treatment. He asked providers to use the biomarker test to test potential patients to determine efficacy rates before administering therapy. He recommended the product to patients who only test favorably. One trend that really excites him is modern technology. It helps him carry out operations effectively and efficiently.

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