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How Securus Technologies’ Solutions are Solving Crimes

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Securus Technologies recently published its comments and reviews sent to them through letters and emails, thanking the company for its state-of-the-art technology. This firm specializes in the development and sale of technology solutions aimed at promoting public safety as well as aiding in investigations and monitoring the activities of inmates in various correctional agencies. Most of these letters came from jail and prison officials in the U.S. These wardens are tasked with solving and preventing crimes in the penitentiary walls. Securus Technologies is responsible for the development of new products weekly. This firm receives thousands of emails and letters praising the company for what it does in an attempt to maintain order in correctional facilities. Below are selected comments on the use of Securus Technologies products to solve and prevent crimes.


  • Securus Technologies has a calls’ monitoring system that was used trace calls made by a crooked prison official. This system was able to bring to justice a rogue prison official who was charged with introduction of contraband to correctional facilities.


  • Inmate calls were monitored, which led to the confiscation of alcohol and drugs. These calls also provided evidence for an open case involving a shooting incident.






  • Securus Technologies reporting data device was praised for aiding in monitoring and preventing entry of contraband to prisons.




  • The company’s covert alert feature has been used to secure an arrest warrant for a suspected criminal.




Securus Technologies Corrects GTL’s Campaign Of Misinformation

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Following a number of misleading statements made by Global Tel Link, Securus Technologies has decided to publicly address any misinformation that might currently be out there. For anyone familiar with Global Tel Link, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that they’re spreading misinformation about competitors. Ever since the federal government began taking an earnest look at their practices, they’ve been eagerly looking for someone to direct negative attention towards. Unfortunately for Global Tel Link though, Securus Technologies was more than prepared to correct many of their borderline slanderous claims.


With this in mind, it’s impossible to definitively state that Securus Technologies has done anything untoward. Instead, Global Tel Link’s public behavior should be more indicative of their business practices than anything else.


In fact, in some circumstances the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board refused to validate a patent or claim that an innovation actually was capable of being patented. Despite this nuance, Global Tel Link decided to release a statement indicating that the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board actually did rule entirely in their favor. As with most of Global Tel Link’s business practices, I’m disappointed to see the direction that their company is headed in. If it comes down to supporting Securus Technologies or Global Tel Link, I know who I’ll be supporting, if for no other reason than the fact that Global Tel Link has proven time and time again that they’re not uncomfortable with being deceitful. Thankfully, companies like Securus Technologies are not going to be bullied anymore, and are eager to point out inconsistencies in the statements that GTL makes.


Securus Technology Gives The Most Innovative Solution To Keep Families In Contact With Their Imprisoned Relatives

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Christmas is around the corner. Many families want to share the festivities and keep in touch with their jailed friends. Most people complain of the long driving hours to the prison facility to visit their incarcerated loved ones. People also get tired of the long waiting hours in the queues to get a chance to see their imprisoned members. Most people often desire the ease of setting up their subsequent prison visits with regards to the prison accessibility as the alternative of being subjected to limited prison visitation times. Many people would also want the convenience of getting in touch with their jailed members without ever having to pay a visit to the detention centers. Securus Technology presents an innovative solution for family members to pre-arrange their next prison visits and to contact their ‘incarcerates’ from the convenience of their homes this Christmas.


The Securus Technology Company

Securus Technology is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technology supplies prison facilities with civil equipment and criminal justice resolutions that aid prison management. The bureau also offers law enforcement agencies with Public Safety Solutions for prison emergency and quick crisis response. The company is launching the Securus video visitation platform this month. The video visitation will enable families to schedule their next prison visits or even chat with their jailed members through video streaming.


Securus Video Visitation totally uses the internet. Members can use tablets, Smartphone, or personal computers to communicate with their detained relatives. They will first have to create the Securus Video Visitation user account. They can download the Securus Video Visitation mobile app from the Google Play store or iTune store and follow the registration prompts. They will also need to register with the prison facility housing their jailed loved one. Family can then engage in live video chats with their imprisoned friends. They can turn the video streams into video conferencing to make the experience more lively. They will require a webcam and the internet to accomplish the video contacts when using a computer.


Families can also utilize the video platform to schedule their next prisoner visits. Securus Video Visitation will be fully integrated with the prison management to ensure that all visits are catered for the available prison visiting time-window.