CEO Sheldon Lavin Plans Future For OSI Group

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Sheldon Lavin calls it an honor to be apart of the OSI Group family. It was never his dream or desire to work for the massive food manufacturer. But when opportunity struck from him to come on board he could not refuse. It was a great career decision for the businessman. Sheldon is the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has a long career history of working in business. Decades ago in the 1970s, he worked in investment banking. He was an investment manager. This is how he became acquainted with OSI Group. He was able to help OSI Group gain financing for their business. Once the company received their financing, he moved onto being a consultant for OSI Group. He got to work closely with the brand and watch them develop into a global holding company that dominates food manufacturing.

Sheldon Lavin became a partner in OSI Group in 1975. It was at this time that he fully immersed himself into what OSI Group was aiming to accomplish. Truthfully, OSI Group was rebranding itself at the time. He worked with the company as it transitioned from the name and brand of Otto & Sons, the small business that first created the company, to being a global dominant figure in the production of the world’s food. During this transition, he really revealed his ability to brand, transition, market and develop a come as it started a new era.

OSI Group enjoys changing and evolving. Sheldon Lavin has always been a promoter of innovation. One of the main goals of the corporation currently is to function under sustainable strategies. Sheldon will design and supervise that these strategies occur properly. In order to become the sustainable company they envision to be, deep research and development is heavily needed.

The corporation will be launching Culinary Innovation Centers that will allow the company to dive into being aware of what sustainability is and how they can transform the food sector. Their supply chain will undergo a renovation to become fully sustainable. This will require time, resources knowledge and financial investment.

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