ClassDojo May Help Bridge The Communication Divide In The Classroom

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

How often have you asked your child what they did in school and they reply “nothing”? It is a common experience for many parents with children who are just not that interested in having a drawn-out discussion about their classroom experience. It can leave parents in the dark and can negatively impact the student’s ability to learn. Fortunately, there is an app for that!

ClassDojo is the app to arrive on the scene to hopefully help us all communicate better with teachers and students. The purpose of this app is to allow teachers to convey notes and information to parents who crave the ability to learn more about what their children are learning. Keep all of this in mind when comparing what this app can do versus not knowing what is going on in the classroom at all. It makes a big difference!

While the app does help teachers share more with students and their parents, there are also controls on the app that allow educators the ability to have quiet hours to themselves when they cannot be reached. That gives them the chance to live their lives and not constantly be at work as well. All in all, it works pretty well for everyone involved.

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