Contributions of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is one of the most rated executives of the Fortress Investment Group. He is the co CEO and the principal of the company. He was appointed in these positions in 1998 and has held the office with integrity. Peter also serves on the company’s board of directors whereby he has been involved in making the company’s major decisions.

Peter Briger has a lot of experience in the assets management business and before joining the company, he used to work at Goldman Sachs which was one of the most successful financial services firms. He had over 15 years of experience at the company and was the person behind taking the company to the Asian markets. Peter has a wide range of experience in the credit security department as well as in the management of investment professionals. He is also a renowned community man and has been involved in major investment clubs. He is also a renowned philanthropist.

Peter Briger’s exposure at Goldman Sachs helped him become a very successful person in the sector. He managed the team that penetrated Asian markets. He was at the front line helping Asian investors who would take advantage of distressed securities. He later became the firm’s partner in 1996 after helping it penetrate in some of the most precious markets.

Peter Briger later left Goldman Sachs to join the newly established firm, Fortress Investment Group. He was lucky to join the top-level leadership at the company. He had a lot of experience moreover desiring to implement his skills towards making Fortress a global leader. He went to the credit division of the company. He also manages a team of over 300 employees whose work is to advise the firm’s investors.

Peter Briger is also a very prominent giver. He always shares his experience and expertise with people willing to venture into the finance industry. He acts as an adviser to the Princeton University students. He has also contributed his time and resources towards the maintenance of Central Park Conservancy. The site has become a tourist attraction in New York as well as becoming the best and the most appealing place. He has also contributed to helping San Francisco families get affordable housing.

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