Corporate Direction by Maarten de Jeu

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Maarten de Jeu has been able to create a profitable business using his natural talent of analytics. However, his talent was cultivated through his experience during his education. De Jeu holds an M.A. in Public Administration from Leiden University as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford. He was ranked first in his class at the University of Oxford and could speak 4 languages by the time he graduated; furthering his abilities and reach of a global presence.

Maarten de Jeu showed an interest in corporate direction early on. His professional career began in 1999; while still studying at Leiden University. He was hired as an analyst for TVDK Management Consultants in Amsterdam; where he put his analytical skills to use in researching business improvements for his clients. In 2007, Maarten became an international consultant at Aviva PLC in London. It was while posted in this position that he perfected his craft by developing business strategies to expand into new markets. De Jeu was promoted to Director in 2008, where he was tasked to increase life insurance sales within the United States.

In 2012, Maarten de Jeu was appointed Managing Director of SVM Business Advisory; a consulting firm based in Chicago, IL and where he remains today. As Managing Director, de Jeu has created a network offers various financial services and advice on investment and development throughout the globe. The company’s international client base includes Fortune 100 companies as well as technology start-ups and high net-worth individuals. De Jeu is also the founder of Speak-Up, a technology start-up of his own which as become a leading ethics and compliance company for publicly traded businesses within the European market. Learn more:

Currently, Maarten de Jeu continues his roles at both Speak-Up and SVM Business Advisory. He is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago as well as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This established corporate advisor has already accomplished great strides for his international clients. There is no doubt that his education and experience will lead de Jeu into even further successes for his current businesses as well as for his clients.

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