Critics And Supporters Advise Not To Take Betsy DeVos For Granted

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is well into her second year of service with the Trump Administration. Her tenure hasn’t been without fanfare or controversy. Mrs. DeVos is known as a pragmatic and generous person by those who know her best. However, some of her decisions thus far have some of her biggest supporters scratching their heads.


DeVos was born into a wealthy conservative in Holland, MI. After graduating from Calvin College, she married her sweetheart Dick DeVos. Mrs. DeVos’s husband is the heir to the Amway fortune.


Mrs. DeVos’s Dutch Christian background goes hand-in-hand with her beliefs about charter schools. The former chair of the Michigan Republican Party has worked tirelessly for school choice since she first entered politics. DeVos says she believes that all children should have the opportunity to attend schools that offer them the best education.


Critics of DeVos say that is destroying public education. Wayne State University Education Professor Thomas Pedroni says Mrs. DeVos claims she is public education’s worst nightmare. “She is doing everything she can to promote policies to harm public school children.”


Mrs. DeVos scoffs at the accusations, accusing the critics of misrepresenting the facts. However, many point out that that funds in the state of Michigan were being diverted from public education toward charter schools. Additionally, the Michigan charter schools have no oversight and are statistically among the worst in the nation.


John Booy The Potter House Superintendent has given the DeVoses the highest praise when it comes to education. “She has done an magnificent job with the Potter’s House. She has a great relationship with both staff and students.”


But in terms of what she’s doing on the job, many people are troubled by what they are seeing. The rollbacks of laws put in place by the Obama Administration are by far the worst.


“There’s nothing wrong in doing what you believe is right,” said Calvin College graduate Nathan Wolfis. “However, I question whether she’s the right person for the job.” This seems to be a familiar refrain regarding Mrs. DeVos. As one unnamed source put it “You can be lousy at your job, but still be a good person.”


While the job of Secretary of Education have a tremendous learning curb, most of her colleagues believe she will soon catch on. “People have a tendency to underestimate her. That’s a mistake,” said Booy.


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