Dan Bethelmy-Rada Creates R.A.W. – A Natural, Sustainable Hair Care Product Line

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

After working at name brand hair care companies in managerial positions, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is now the Global Brand President of Matrix/Biolage. As President of this US hair care brand, Dan has now launched a brand new sustainable and natural-focused hair care line – R.A.W.

This new line was created with a focus on ensuring their formulation focused on natural, sustainable, and bio-degradable ingredients without any harsh parabens, sulfates, or silicone in their products. Furthermore, Dan wanted to ensure the products were sustainable both in their production and packaging. This is why R.A.W. products are made from fair-trade ingredients and packaged in completely recycled material.

Plastic from shampoo and conditioner bottles still contributes towards plastic waste in landfills. However, there is a growing trend towards reducing our waste as individuals. In addition to wanting more sustainable products, there is a growing realization of the often harsh chemicals used in hair care products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has taken an authentic approach to these growing concerns by creating R.A.W. hair care products.

The process in creating R.A.W. has not been easy for Dan and his team. For example, they had to push back the launch date because of contamination issues with sourcing clay as an ingredient. They had to work harder to source the right clay rather than compromising their formula or their production process.

Along with working hard to provide great sustainable, natural, and wholesome hair care products, the R.A.W. team has also been educating others on how to live more sustainably. This includes teaching hair stylists in salons around the U.S. how to decrease water and power use along with sharing sustainable tips via their Instagram feed. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada and his team also use their Youtube page to extend their platform. For example, they challenge people to take short cold showers together to promote sustainability.

After recently launching in the US, R.A.W. is ready to soon be launched in the UK. So far, R.A.W. has had great positive reviews. They’re now looking to see if other parts of the world are open to the option of sustainable, fair-trade, natural hair care.