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Dan Bethelmy-Rada is on his way to becoming an icon in the marketing industry. He has worked with various prominent brands and helped propel them forward business wise. He works as the Global Brand President for L’Oreal, and his expertise is shown in his work. Dan Bethelmy-Rada started his career in the beauty industry as a Product Manager at LaScad and has now grown to become a brand president. He is doing something right as thongs seem to be going right for the business guru. Dan Bethelmy-Rada gets inspiration for his projects from photography. He is in love with the fact that the inner beauty of places and objects that are usually hidden from the naked eye can be captured through photos. He is good at photography and indulges in the practice at any time when he is looking for fresh ideas for his projects. Dan Bethelmy-Rada studied in Paris at the Sorbonne University. He undertook a course in International Business where he learned to combine business and beauty and build a career out of it. Teamwork is another key to Bethelmy-Rada’s career.

He is particular about his employees working together and sharing ideas as it is the only way that they get to learn and improve. Dan Bethelmy-Rada even ensures diversity among his employees so that each person brings something fresh and different to the table. By having different backgrounds, ways of life and different ways of thinking, his employees learn new things from one another. This is what makes Dan stand out from his colleagues. Dan spent a lot of time traveling during his childhood and teenage years and therefore has experienced many cultures. He is aware that beauty cannot be categorized or defined singularly as it varies from place to place. It is this aspect of beauty that Dan Bethelmy-Rada tries to capture in his photos. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a family man and loves spending time with his family. He ensures that there is a balance between his work life and personal life so that there is no interference when it comes to his family. Spending time with his family energizes Dan Bethelmy-Rada to tackle any hardship that he encounters at work. Family time also keeps him happy and healthy.

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