Darien Dash Talks Success And Growth

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

The business world is changing and is starting to become more inclusive for minorities such a Hispanics and African Americans. Entrepreneurs and activists like Darien Dash are paving the way in their industries and helping to open doors for others. The Movement Management Advisors’ Managing Director is a strategic advisor for clients throughout a variety of industries. Some of the areas that Darien Dash has a lot of experience in are cannabis, sports, entertainment, and media. He believes that there are many opportunities in the cannabis industry that haven’t been explored yet and that we have only just started to scratch the surface of its potential. He suggests that people look into the potential cannabis has in the wellness and beauty industries along with more high-end services like infused catering.

Darien admits that he has had his fair share of failures during his career, but he thinks failing is part of how people become successful. He believes that it is important to try to learn from failure along with being able to hear “no” no matter what industry you are in. Success isn’t guaranteed and he believes failure and success are just the different sides of the same coin. You have to be strong enough to come back from your failures so that you can try again. Darien Dash suggests trying to keep things balanced in life so highs and lows don’t go too far either way.

When it comes to his business, Darien Dash states that his purpose is to serve his clients and he always keeps this in mind. Taking care of his clients and putting their needs first is just part of the strategies that he uses to grow his business and he believes that they all play important roles in his success. He is there to help his clients be successful and in turn, this contributes to the success of his own business. While all of the clients at The Movement Management Firm are successful, he mentions that they have younger clients who are just coming into their success and they may need more guidance than others.