Dick Devos

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Dick Devos, the husband of Betsy Davos, who is best known for working with Donald Trump as the head of the Board of Education, has strived for years to work and improve the city of Grand Rapids Michigan, as well as the surrounding areas.


Mr. Devos’s first and most public lobbying attempt was against a new sports complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1991. Since then, he and his wife have made names for themselves in their community, utilizing their family fortunes to help build and develop their local communities. The Devos’ have become known as public advocates in the Michigan area, and have steadily worked to build and influence their communities.


One of the ways Mr. Devos has impacted the community most is by assisting in the development of a children’s hospital in the area, saving families from having to make excessively long trips to the closest St. Jude’s hospital to receive exceptional care. The two have also pushed to fund more charter and public schools throughout the United States, citing their importance in the development of children in the long run.


Dick Devos has also been commended for having worked with the FAA on their management advisory council, where he has served as an important member. In the past, Mr. Devos was given quite a lot of credit for having assisted in the revival of the Grand Rapid’s airport, where his excellent social skills assisted him greatly. He convinced the CEO of Grand Rapid’s airport to charter planes from AirTran, a well known and affordable airline that would, potentially, increase the overall viability of the airport. Furthermore, as AirTran was bought out, Devos was then able to contract flights with Southwest, though not without struggle.


However, the work that Mr. Devos put into convincing Southwest to keep the most popular air routes paid off, and the airport’s overall activity improved drastically, which, some think, may have lead to his position on the FAA. Furthermore, both of the Devos assisted in co-founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which served an important role in developing potential air pilots in the Michigan area.


Overall, Dick Devos has been greatly beneficial to the aviation development in the Grand Rapids area and hope to continue to improve in these aspects. Furthermore, he and his wife are continuously pushing for the betterment of schools and hospitals in the area, and nationwide, and hope to continue to see the growth and development as they move forward in their new roles.


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