Doe Deere Launched Lime Crime To Take The “Play It Safe” Out Of Cosmetics

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Super intense pigments and boldly bright color palettes define Doe Deere’s makeup brand known as Lime Crime. Wearing her cosmetics are an unique experience in itself, because you’ve never seen this potent and bizarre a line of makeup anywhere on the planet.


This isn’t grammy’s cosmetics stash. Instead, Lime Crime is modern makeup for the modern young woman and young man. That’s the beauty philosophy of its company CEO and founder Doe Deere. The Russian-born entrepreneur with the whimsical imagination and eye for hot makeup trends launched the brand in 2008. She wanted these amazing lipsticks, eye shadows, liners and nail lacquers to re-create the cosmetics uniform. In other words, there are no makeup rules to follow with Lime Crime. These wackadoodle shades like Blood Moon, Pumpkin, Raisin Hell, New Yolk City, Teacup, Cement and Alien Green are wild, untamed and a bit naughty-sexy.


Doe Deere thinks makeup, hair and fashion are all intertwined and should be funny and not taken too seriously. She created the brand Lime Crime to offer women and men another choice in cosmetics. She challenged the major beauty companies with their stiff, play it safe traditional shades of makeup. She introduced quality makeup that was hot on trend and allowed the wearer to develop a news sense of empowerment. When one applies makeup from Lime Crime, they will turn heads, because the boldness and opacity are out of this world.


Doe Deere loves trying out new items on herself first, before launching the makeup to her global audience on social media. At the moment, her Velvetines Diamond Crushers are the glam thing out there. You apply them over your lipstick and watch the dazzle begin. These incredible, iridescent lip toppers reflect light from every corner and create magic on your kissable lips. Best of all, these crushers go on matte and dry to a smudge-proof finish.


She enjoys engaging with and inspiring her Lime Crime obsessed fans on social media, and the friendly relationships she has carefully molded have paid off.


Lime Crime is sitting atop social media on many fronts, including Instagram. Lime Crime’s Instagram has already reached more than 2.4 million followers. Doe Deere is also being recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit, appearing on the cover of Self-Made magazine.


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