Dr. Saad: Paving the Way in Medical Invention World

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Dr. Saad is a recognized pediatric surgeon who has so far accomplished several pediatric surgical procedures over his career time. Dr. Saad has always advocated for improvement of existing procedures and methods. His major focus is in finding ways of reducing pain and risks in his patients. Dr. Saad has two invention patents, and he has developed more procedures for pediatric. Over the forty years, he has been in operation, Dr. Saad has handled very complex surgeries on patients from the community within and externally. He has served his community in the entire United States as well as children from any other communities. For example, he has taken care of children from Holyland.


One of the medical inventions is the catheter identification device that has an integral electromagnetic location. Medical catheters are special tubes that serve various functions. For example, they can be used to treat some medical condition and to perform the surgical procures, giving access to the surgical instruments, fluids, and drain gases. Others can be kept inside the body either temporarily or permanently depending on the nature of the condition. Dr. Saad came up with this device to help in locating catheters in the body without using a machine scan. This device utilizes the electromagnetic energy in figuring out the locations of a catheter in the body. It functions similarly like a metal detector. Just as the metal detect rouser can use it to sweep any metal on the beneath surfaces, the doctor can as well sweep the outside of the body of a patient until the right catheter location is established. His strategy is to enable the patients to avoid contact with MRI and X-ray scan in locating the catheters.


The second patent is on apparatus and methods for providing suction while maintaining the visual contact with a target area by use of an endoscope. This invention is a commitment to improving the use of the endoscopes. Endoscopes are known to be optical devices that check inside the patient bodies at the time of surgery or any examination. They can be used when checking inside the windpipe, throat, stomach, bladder, and colon. These give the doctors a clear visual picture of what is happening within the body of the patient. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html


Going into understanding why he went into invention world, Dr. Saad said that it was due to the necessity in the medical field. The two devices are perfect for enabling the doctors to do their tasks more practically and safely. They avoid the use of machine scans in the body of the patients as well as having an external guide device for locating the catheters. It also enables the doctors to avoid taking out the scope when performing an endoscopy. The inventions prevent any complications and help the doctors to do the procedures in a safer and faster manner.