Dr. Samadi is Working to Keep Those Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Healthier for Years Down the Road

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Do you know someone who has cancer or who has been recently diagnosed with cancer? Does a man in your life receive treatment for prostate cancer? If so, what if there was a way that you could help them live longer without the hassle of radiation and chemotherapy? If you are interested, Dr. David Samadi is a name you should become aware of.

In the last few years, more celebritities are coming out and telling the world about their own personal health struggles such as terminal diagnoses, cancer treatments and even depression. This will allow for others to see that even the people who are looked up to and are rich in success are still able to suffer from the same illnesses and diagnoses that your typical, non-celebrity individuals will need to live with.

One particular person who knows all too well about the struggles of a cancer diagnosis is Mitt Romney. The ex-presidential nominee came out and told everyone about his own personal struggle with the diagnosis of prostate cancer. It was his open admission to that led others to believe that he may be running for a senate seat when one becomes available in Utah when Orrin Hatch vacates his seat.

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Now while there is no exact cure for cancer, there is still hope one day that there will be. Until then, we have to find a way to deal with the fact that we have much progress still to do until there comes a day when someone can be cured from cancer.

Someone like Dr. David Samadi is someone who knows how to get you as close to healthy as you could possibly afford. While many believe that it is impossible to become healthy without all the radiation and chemotherapy that gets pumped into your body while being treated for the cancer, there are many others who are actually living longer, healthier lives because of the help they got from Dr. Samadi.

Dr. Samadi offers a more advanced type of surgical method. Dr. Samadi uses robotic surgical techniques to treat the prostate and other surrounding areas. For men, the chances are 6 of 10 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will be diagnosed over the age of 65. In fact when Mitt Romney was diagnosed, he was 70 years old. He opted to use the surgery method to help treat the cancer and because the surgery was a success, he has pretty good odds to make it over the hurtle and live a fulfilling life, even after the cancer scare.

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