Equities First Holdings makes a significant milestone

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Equities First Holdings is in the news again for making a significant milestone. The firm has been granted permission to engage in Repurchase Transactions popularly known as Repos. This permission was issued by the Dubai Financial market early this year. This will make Equities First Holdings on of the pioneer firm to engage in this form of business in the region. However, the firm will provide these services in accordance with the various rules and regulations provided by the Securities and Commodity Authority in the nation. Perhaps this will make it enter into the highly lucrative market of the securities market. The area has not witnessed a lot of growth, especially in the Arab and developing nations due to the complexities involved in both the selling and buying of the securities. However, Equities First Holdings is an innovative firm, and this will just be a walk in the park. The deal is expected to assist it in cementing its place in these regions.