Financial Freedom Can Be Found If You Consider Real Estate And Learning From Nick Vertucci

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Financial freedom is a goal that some have found to be quite elusive. Some experts will tell you you have to adhere to a very tight budget in order to get it, and others will tell you you have to build a big business. Nick Vertucci found out that financial freedom can be found in real estate if you learn it the way you should. Even if you have no background or formal education in finance or real estate brokering, it can be done, and Vertucci did so by continuing to learn along the way and adapting his investment strategy.

Nick Vertucci has quite a personal story to tell to those who feel financial freedom is a hopeless dream. He came from a family that lived in poverty and at one point found himself homeless. He did climb out of poverty once when he started his own business. For a time, Nick Vertucci thought he had found his key to wealth and even became a homeowner, husband and father. But his business was not able to survive the market recession of 2000, and he lost all his savings and assets that were tied up in that business. Vertucci nearly lost his home, but it was his discovery of real estate at a weekend event that saved it.

Nick Vertucci spent the next 10 years figuring out ways to buy properties, and bringing some of them from slums to upper level housing. He didn’t get rich overnight, but as he started better understanding the markets and becoming more familiar with all the methods of real estate investing, he started seeing his income move up. Vertucci reached seven figures and now lives free of debt and is considered retired, though he is very active at his NV Real Estate Academy. This academy exists to help people who are looking for a better investment strategy, a career change or who may even be where Vertucci once was to learn the tricks of the trade for property development.