Flavio Maluf on the Highlight of Issues Leading to Reduced Economic Growth

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Flavio Maluf is a businessman as well as an entrepreneur based in Brazil. In 1987, Flavio Maluf started working at Eucatex. Eucatex was a family business, but he managed to learn about the tools of the trade while working there.

In 1997 he replaced his father as the company’s president. The institution continued to experience rapid growth. Highest quality products were made by use of the latest technology.

Flavio Maluf gained recognition by his perfect work at Eucatex. He advises new individuals who want to venture in business and suggests how to survive on Brazil market despite the challenges faced mostly by fresh investors.

He tells people that nothing is easy. To succeed in hard work should prevail. An investor should also inspire his or her employees to work hard to achieve the company’s goal.

Issues Facing Brazil Economic Recovery

Flavio Maluf talks about some problems that have hindered the economic recovery in Brazil. Among the issues include;

  • Tax Burden

Flavio Maluf talks about tax burden and how to solve the issue. He works to influence the government to give institutions motivation programs such as tax break and exemption to encourage the growth of a business. Heavy taxes have made organizations fail to maintain prosperity.

  • Society’s public welfare

Flavio Maluf background has enabled him to value the act of giving back to society. He desires that other business individuals can follow his example and preserve the environment for future generation.

Apart from social engagement and capital, Flavio also donates his knowledge and shares his skills in business through his blog. It is by sharing that other capitalists can be familiar with the competitive world of business.

  1. Maluf also gives back to society. He has donated large portions to help communities of Sao Paulo and Salto County. He also grants in hospitals with goods like X-ray machines.Food waste and sustainability in Brazil
  • Food waste and sustainability in Brazil

Flavio Maluf conducted research and concluded that a lot of families waste food per day. The misuse of food increases the costs to buy more foods as the wasted food are expensive. The action slows down the economic growth of Brazil. Mr. Maluf wants to work with the public and educate them on how to avoid wasting food.

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