Get Powered Up Quickly with MAGFAST

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

MAGFAST Chargers Simplify Life

If you’re like most people that depend on their mobile devices for home, work, and play, you’ll want to check out MAGFAST. The company’s founder, Seymour Segnit is an Oxford University graduate that put his knowledge and background to work by developing an advanced line of products. Through the utilization of magnets, the charging devices are powerful enough to jump-start a vehicle, according to the company’s demonstration available on their website. They’re able to be stacked like building blocks to power not only your mobile devices but the other chargers as well. You’ll be able to stop less to plug in items including the wireless chargers from MAGFAST. The products were developed by Segnit in an attempt to eliminate the bulk and cheap quality that’s often found with aftermarket chargers.

MAGFAST Offers Many Charging Options

Many products are being offered by MAGFAST. You’ll find lightning speed adapters to power your device much faster than normal. A wall adapter enables you to charge the unit while resting your device on top to charge. You’ll still be able to utilize both outlets for any purpose. A car charger and power bank allow you to take the devices wherever you go without having to fumble around for many items. Safety is stressed by the company to help eliminate the fire and electrical hazards presented with many aftermarket products.

Become a Backer and Receive a Discount

MAGFAST has already exceeded its initial goal in just 15 minutes through crowdfunding efforts. The company is offering substantial discounts and even free products simply by attending a video presentation of the product offerings and opportunity. Pre-ordering is also available for backers on the MAGFAST website at Be sure to check out the latest developments in technology to simplify your life, today.