Gino Pozzo’s Sports Passion and His Efforts to Revamp Watford Football Club

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Gino Pozzo is the current owner of an English football club, Watford FC. He has earned an impressive reputation for taking on low-rated lower division football clubs that are struggling and elevating them into top-flight football leagues in their respective countries. By doing so, he has earned a respected personality in the sports industry, especially in the European football arena.

Gino Pozzo came from a sporting family, his parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo being ardent football lovers. He spent much of his younger years in Udine, Italy. Gino became closely related to Udinese Calcio FC through his mother’s efforts and had since then maintained his loyalty to the club. After turning 18 years, he relocated to the U.S. and joined Harvard University where he earned his Master’s Degree. After his marriage to Catalan, he decided to move to Spain where together they spend 20 years in the City of Barcelona. Later on, in 2013, he relocated to London, England with his family, to directly run the daily operations of Vicarage Road Club that he had newly acquired.

Renowned globally, the Pozzo family seems to have a profoundly ingrained football passion. Their involvement in football club ownership ventures debuted when Gino’s dad bought the Udinese Football Club in 1986 in their hometown in Italy using the profits accrued from the family business. This business was a woodworking venture that had been run for generations during the clubs acquisition. However, the family now runs an electrical appliances venture in Spain.

The family then purchased the struggling Watford Football Club in 2012, a team that was heavily indebted and trying hard to climb out of the Fourth Division. Within the first year of Watford ownership, Gino had relocated his entire family to London to oversee the daily operations. This move emphasized his resolve to stay at Watford for the long run. Everyone has then placed their bets on the triumphant, long-term success of the Club.