Greg Blatt and His Success

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Greg Blatt has found great success in his career life through his work with prestigious companies such as Match Group, Tinder, and IAC. And his story is one that anyone who is trying to leave not only a mark but their mark on the business world should take the time to study. Blatt has been a leader in all three of these companies and has helped them increase their revenues and build a solid reputation as leaders in the online dating website world (SDUT).

Blatt was able to lead the three above dating companies because of his successful career before he took those positions. Greg first served at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the most notable of which was the executive vice president in general counsel and business affairs, and before that he worked as an associate in two different law firms. All of this career experience came after he went to school and got an undergraduate degree in English and economics, and later got his Doctorate of law after he went to Columbia Law School.

Blatt’s leadership skills are obvious as the companies that he managed all experienced tremendous growth. One example of his positive management style that caused such growth in the workplace, was when he took on a leadership role with Tinder. It was Greg Blatt´s idea to offer and promote the Tinder Plus subscription which skyrocketed and surpassed a million users.

People who have worked alongside and in positions under Blatt have continuously commented on how working with him is a genuinely positive experience. Greg Blatt is far more a boss to the people who work for him, but offers guidance every step of the way so that growth in the company he is at can continue experiencing steep growth. WIth him at the helm of any company he is heading up, the growth and increase in revenue is tremendous. He is truly a leader, not just a boss.

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