Grupo RBS Looks To The Future Of The Brazilian Nation

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

The media and entertainment company, Grupo RBS has been building its importance in its home nation of Brazil and around the world due to its focus on the children and teens of the nation. The company believes it can build on its current reputation as a global educator and news media corporation to become ever more important to the social development of South America. By playing a role in almost every aspect of the lives of the people of Brazil, Grupo RBS Chairman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been at the heart of bringing knowledge to the people of the nation and awareness about the problems facing the world as a whole to the largest nation in South America.

Grupo RBS has taken itself extremely seriously throughout its history with the company building its news media center to more than 6,000 staff members who are intent on bringing success to the sector. As a way of helping the people of Brazil to learn about the problems facing the young people of the nation, the brand launched its “Love is the best inheritance, take care of kids” campaign back in June 2003. The campaign ran through the various TV stations, radio stations, published works, and online presence of the brand to explain why children are so important to the present and future of the nation.

According to meioemensagem, the Grupo RBS brand has made a commitment to the people of the communities it touches across portions of Brazil that expands on its investment in social involvement. 2012 saw the development of the campaign, “Education needs answers.” The development of the Grupo RBS campaign took a new approach to find the best educational opportunities for young people across Brazil and particularly in the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol states where the brand broadcasts. The dedication to improving educational opportunities across Brazil has remained high on the agenda of RBS as the company makes this a vital cog in its editorial agenda.