Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Gulf Coast WesternFounded in 1970 as a family-owned business, Gulf Coast Western has expanded its reach to locations throughout the United States. Operations include facilities and leases in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi. Matthew Fleeger is helming this dynamic company as it impacts Gulf Coast production and partners with U.S. companies.

Through joint ventures, Gulf Coast Western is focusing its exploration and develop in the Gulf Coast region. The company focuses on areas that have infrastructure as well as promising geological and geophysical properties. Joint ventures are entered into using a well-designed approach and return on investment calculation. Low downside risk combined with a substantial return on investment enables Gulf Coast Western to deliver substantial value to owners and investors.

Matthew Fleeger has an impressive background in business management and has led companies from inception to national brand recognition. His accolades include the development of MedSolutions, Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. His skills at spurring innovation and outperforming the competition are giving Gulf Coast Western the edge needed to expand. The joint ventures and strategic vision of this company are a direct result of Fleeger’s leadership.  

As the company continues to expand, it will focus on regions outside of the Gulf Coast. To that end, the business will continue to partner with existing companies to expand its reach. This is a key element of the company’s vision and ability to grow over the long run.GULF COAST WESTERN

Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger continue to innovate in the oil and gas industry, especially as it relates to production in the Gulf Coast region. The synergies being created are increasing shareholders’ wealth and providing benefits for internal and external stakeholders.